“Playing every three days requires balance. Who is at the top against Juve on the pitch”

“Playing every three days requires balance. Who is at the top against Juve on the pitch”
“Playing every three days requires balance. Who is at the top against Juve on the pitch”
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After the defeat against Udinese and the closure of the transfer market, Vincenzo Italiano spoke at the press conference to talk about the match that tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 pm will see his players at the Franchi against Juventus.

The analysis of the coach started from the team delivered by the end of the negotiations: “We lose Nastasic but Ranieri is back in full swing. We have four central, two left-handed and two right-handed. Last year he gained experience in Salerno, he gained this chance . Greetings Matija, great professional and great person, I wish him good luck. We decided to keep Kouamé, he proved to be good, reluctantly Benassi will remain out of the 25 list. to work and show off in Florence. He has to grow and work. We are these between now and November for 17 games. We will try to do our best. “

The purple coach has indicated the way on how to restart after Udine: “Unfortunately, we will pass by not enjoying the joy of an extraordinary performance with Napoli, a joy that lasts very short, dismissing the disappointment and bitterness of Udine’s defeat. to face these matches in this way, to have balance, not to get excited and not to get depressed. Analyzing the positive and negative things, we must react to this defeat. With more quality and clarity we could come out with at least one point. We start again, we play against another strong team , we have to get used to it. Trying to have that spirit we have been having since the beginning of the year. It was the first defeat, very avoidable. There are some aspects we have to insist on, like throwing it in. Although the performance was not exciting , with a pinch of nastiness we could have scored. Turnover? We must all be ready to fight, that’s what it’s all about. “

On González’s condition: “He had problems with his heel, one day it bores him, others he doesn’t. That’s the problem. He scored, but he has an annoyance that he can’t completely remove. Let’s see how he’s doing. He hasn’t been in 10 days. he trains at full capacity, I’m sorry because you all know his characteristics and they are very different from the others “.

On Jovic’s moment: “I think there are some elements in this team that tell you that in six days, due to their condition, they can’t play three games. One of them is Jovic, he played for Napoli, until the 96th minute. an intense race. Bring it back to Udine and tomorrow, he himself knows he can’t handle it. I think he can make his contribution tomorrow, we have deliberately kept him at rest. We are reasoning with so many people, I am convinced that he can give us a lot. and personality, all to show us what Vlahovic showed last year “.

On how to face Juve: “Our idea is to try to limit the opposing sources of play, not to put them in a position to exalt themselves. Even in Udine we limited Udinese, we knew they would close and restart, but they too did not have so many scoring. We will continue to think like this. Not only about Vlahovic’s inactive balls. We have to think about ourselves and put them in difficulty, when we put our minds to work well we succeed. We know how important it is for Florence, for the classification and for ourselves. The reasons are all there “.

For some games Fiorentina has had difficulty scoring: “This aspect goes hand in hand with the moments of a match. One team dominates a little, and the other a little. Maybe it is the others who push you to defend. question of development and development of the game. We always arrive in the last meters, we have to put our own. There are many situations that can result in a goal. We are not scoring but you know what we propose, how much we create. When 5-6 actions are produced offensive, the lads know that in front of goal we have to give something more. We have to make better use of the opportunities “.

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On the necessary rotations in a season so full of matches: “We have to try to be good at becoming a team with many commitments. They train less, they optimize the match as if it were training, they get ideas, advantages, situations to train. Last year we have done a great job weekly, this year we have to get used to, mature and grow from this point of view, less training, more games, more video analysis. We have to do it as soon as possible, mature quickly. We really wanted to get through the round. tried to keep injuries away, we were good at avoiding them. Now we will try to work in a different way “.

According to many, Vlahovic’s explosion is also due to Italian: “Everyone does his job. There are those who are born awake and have it in their blood, and those who have to get there through work. This is the secret of does this sport. Jovic, Cabral and Kouamé have to bring out all their qualities. It all depends on what you have at your disposal. “

The coach was also asked if he feels integralist: “I go based on the information of the players. If they are well I propose them again, if they are not in condition they must be protected. You can work on the single system, change from race to race, every year different, there are new players, I don’t have fixed ideas. “

Finally, on the conditions of Duncan, Bonaventura and Sottil: “I’m sorry for Jack, we offered him our condolences. You can imagine what his state of mind is. Duncan is not available. From here to tomorrow we will see who can be in the game at the top, because this is what you need against Juve. With the five changes you can change the matches. “

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