Manual to give light to the “dark side” of the Darsena: 4×4 wooden modules for 6 days of meetings, concerts and theater by Denara and Studio Doiz

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The name is strange – Manualetto – like the whole business, after all, born by chance from an article in our newspaper signed by Iacopo Gardelli. But the idea is suggestive: on 9 September, temporary pavilions are created by the Denara architecture studio – the four cheerful architects alive, as we have defined them – which will host a full program of music, theater and meetings for several days. cultural association Studio Doiz to finally live the “dark side” or if you want the “loser” of the city dock, the one never in the spotlight, where there is nothing … for now.

Manualetto is therefore a temporary architectural installation on the left side of the city dock, after the Port Authority, designed by the Denara studio from Ravenna. A series of 4 × 4 wooden modules, overlooking the Candiano, to make one of Ravenna’s most special and forgotten places habitable and redeveloped. The project, unprecedented in the history of the city, was financed thanks to a crowdfunding that has gathered the support of hundreds of donors. As we said it was born from a provocation launched by Iacopo Gardelli in an article published in Ravennanotizie: to make the Darsena habitable here and now, creating a “temporary village” where you can meet, get to know each other and make culture.

Recipients of the provocation were the young architects of the Denara studio, Nicolò Calandrini, Francesco Rambelli, Mirko Boresi and Federico Lucchi, all under 30, who managed, in just four months, not only to design a manual to assemble these temporary pavilions , but also to collect donations, find partners and collaborate with local authorities to make the occupation of public land feasible.

Thus the temporary village on the “dark bank” of the Darsena, the left one, more truly industrial, will be built. The appointment for the inauguration is Friday 9 September, in via Eustachio Manfredi, in front of the former Agricultural Consortium.


The Manualetto pavilions, designed by Denara taking inspiration from the standard dimensions of a bedroom, will be open to citizens for six days, allowing anyone who wants to temporarily “live” the left side of Candiano. Let’s go Friday 9 September from 7pm to 9pm with opening event with prosecco, piadina and prosciutto.

To enrich this experience, Denara has decided to entrust Studio Doiz, a cultural association of Ravenna, with the programming of collateral events that will take place for free during the days of the installation.

It starts on Saturday 10 September with some of the most interesting artists of the Italian and Romagna scene. The first appointment will be at 11.30, when the journalist Pier Giorgio Carloni, head of the editorial staff of Ravennanotizie, will interview Denara and Studio Doiz: it will be a moment to take stock of the situation and hypothesize future developments of this project.

The afternoon of Saturday 10 September, at 6 pm, Trebbo sulla Darsena, starring the actor Luigi Dadina, one of the founders of the Teatro delle Albe, and Davide Reviati, cartoonist among the most talented and awarded in the country. At 21 we start with theatrical monologues. Chiara Tomeia young actress for the first time in Ravenna, brings her monologue Via Nomentana (mise en lecture); to follow our own Studio Doiz with the unpublished monologue Fazaze.

The first day ends with a double concert, starting at 10pm, entrusted to two of the most talented musicians on the Italian scene: the singer-songwriter Giacomo Toni and the rapper Moder.

The second day of the program, Sunday 11 September, opens at 6 pm with the meeting Contemporary dock. Il Candiano between contemporary art and street art, led by curator Alessandra Carini, in dialogue with Marco Miccoli, president of the cultural association Indastria and promoter of the street art festival Subsidenze and with the young artist Nicola Montalbini, that for years, in his works, has studied and represented the industrial soul of Ravenna.

Following, from 9 pm, the theatrical moment sees protagonists Luisa Borini, young actress from Terni, Hystrio award in 2016who presents his new monologue Much pain for nothing And Roberto Magnani, actor of the Teatro delle Albewho will read a few pages from Pier Vittorio Tondelli’s masterpiece Other libertines.

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The double concert of two young promises of the Italian singer-songwriter closes on Sunday at 10pm: Diego Pasini, aka Manuel Pistacchio, from Rimini; and Giacomo Toschi, leader of the Active Nihilists, from Santa Sofia.

After the days of Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September, dedicated to a free home in the Darsena by the citizens, Manualetto closes on Wednesday 14 September. From 6.30 pm the meetings are totally dedicated to cinema and include three guests. We start with a talk focused on Michelangelo Antonioni, Red desert and female iconographyedited by Maria Martinelli, director, and Marina Mazzotti, of Start Cinema. Following, Filippo Perri, film critic, in his speech Fronts of portswill tell us about the importance of ports and docks in the history of contemporary cinema.

To celebrate the closing of Manualetto, from 8.30 pm the pavilions will host the Rap Sofà concert, event in collaboration with Cisim of Lido Adriano; among the guests also Max Penombra and Albino. Afterwards, a moment of celebration and relaxation is entrusted to a timeless classic: an open mic karaoke.

How to get there and other info

For the complete Manualetto program:

Contacts: / tel. 333 7119715/340 1497631 – Studio Doiz tel. 333 4356140

Facebook event:

It is advisable to bring comfortable clothes and autan / There will be no bar service: bring your own beers

Partners: Kamera Film, Order of Architects of Ravenna, Ravaioli Legnami, Start Cinema, QuickLighting, WBS consulting, Vibra, Focaccia and Minguzzi srl, Comaco Italiana spa, Ing. Caselle, Giacomo Tampelli Architectural Visualization

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