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Gas, in winter maximum 19 degrees of heating: what happens to those who fail (photo: Getty Images)

As was abundantly expected for months, theapproaching autumn already makes the theme of the difficult to find gas andvery high price which is also expected just for get it to Italy. If then on the one hand the Government continues to work for to calm the prices in the billa decree for save the precious raw material. Theobligation to hold the heating no more than 19 degrees: interesting to understand though how it will be enforced.

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The intervention will have to arrive before the next electionsfor reasons of time, and will bear the signature of the resigning person Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani. He will be the one to present the plan which then the cabinet will approve giving it the form of the decree. It will be fundamental for Italy save gasand for citizens and more this will materialize in a simple way: by lowering the maximum limit is 20 to 19 degrees heating. In the public buildingsbut also in those private. Including the houses.

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This involves a first important distinction: the obligation of 19 degrees in public buildings (which start from officesbut they also include the schools) Sara mandatory and necessarily respected. The need to use less gas, however, holds true also for private structuresand this will give birth to one network of controls quite a lot of widespread and severe.

Gas, in winter maximum 19 degrees of heating: what happens to those who fail (photo: Getty Images)

Gas, in winter maximum 19 degrees of heating: what happens to those who fail (photo: Getty Images)

Indeed, it is expected that even private offices suffer thorough checks to verify that the 19 degrees constraint is respected. More difficulty will inevitably affect the private homes. Here the verifications of the Local police they certainly will more frequent where the heating is centralized at the condominium level. And the responsible monitoring of the thermostat (and therefore of the reduced consumption of the precious gas) will be theadministrator. House control is much more complex a autonomous heatingwhich will still happen though randomly. Finally, the extent of any penalties or fines: their amount will be clear only after the signature of the fateful decree.

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Obviously the weight of the situation it will not be simply dumped on citizenship (as far as we speak of a sacrifice of only one degree). The government is in fact working hard for fill the storages in these hot weeks, with the intention of showing up in the fall with at least 90% of the gas needed by the country. Only in this case can you expect to spend a winter 2022-2023 clear. The rest will depend on the good will and from civic sense of each of us.

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