Tamberi’s marriage: who is his wife Chiara

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The big day has arrived. On September 1, 2022, in the Renaissance complex of Villa Imperiale, in Pesaro, the wedding of Gianmarco Tamberi with his beloved Chiara, historical girlfriend who supported him throughout his long career. It’s another big step in two incredible years for the Olympic and European champion jumper.

Our deejay was also present at the wedding Gianluca Gazzoli with his wife Sara Bolla. At the table with them also Marcell Jacobs with his partner Nicole Daza and Bebe Vio. Watch.

In August 2021 Gianluca had been joined live on RADIO DEEJAY from a surprise phone call from his friend Gimbo Tamberi. The gold medal had recently made the marriage proposal, and on the air he had told us about the relationship with his girlfriend, who has now become a wife. You can listen to the call again in the podcast below.

Gianmarco Tamberi: “Chiara showed me infinite love”

The wedding of Gianmarco Tamberi

After the victory at the Tokyo Olympics he announced that he would marry his Chiara, postponing the romantic date to the end of the 2022 season. Now that he has added another gold, won at the European championships, to the home bulletin board. Gianmarco Tamberi he was able to take the plunge and marry his fiancée.

The wedding of Gianmarco Tamberi, an Italian athlete capable of taking athletics to very high peaks in the last two years, was celebrated on September 1, 2022 in Pesaro, at Villa Imperiale. The couple, together since 2009, have sworn eternal love in the presence of friends and relatives.

A little curiosity for lovers of romantic gestures who were unable to follow this year’s European Athletics Championships: after making the jump that actually awarded them the gold medal and the continental title (at 2.30 m), Gianmarco Tamberi he exulted, pointing to the ring finger of his right hand, where he will wear the wedding ring. An obvious dedication to the beloved Chiara Bontempia few weeks from the big step.

Gianmarco Tamberi’s Olympic and European gold

He was already one of the most important characters in Italian athletics, but in the last two years Gianmarco Tamberi he rewrote the history of his sport, the high jump. The Marche region thrilled the whole nation with thegold at the Tokyo Olympicsfive years after the very serious injury that prevented him from taking part in the Rio de Janeiro Games as a favorite.

Sports fans remember well the sequence of events of that magical evening. The perfect jumps up to 2.37 m, the three errors at 2.39 and the decision with his friend and Qatari rival Barshim: gold ex aequo for both, with a shout and a run of joy. Shortly after, thehug with Marcell Jacobswho had just won gold in the 100m, the first time ever for an Italian.

Gianmarco Tamberi he confirmed himself as a great champion in this 2022, despite some physical problems slowing down his preparation. At the world championships, in which he participated a few days after quarrel with his father (first fired and then readmitted) finished in fourth position.

The good placement did not stop the hunger for victories of the Marche: with a great performance in Monaco, Gianmarco Tamberi is European champion high jump, thanks to the clear path up to 2.27 (with wet track) and the winning jump at 2.30 at the second attempt, followed by the romantic dedication to his Chiara Bontempi.


Who is Chiara, the wife of Gianmarco Tamberi

But who is Chiara, the wife of Gianmarco Tamberi? The beloved always at the side of the jumper has shared little information about her private life and on social networks, where she has more than 40 thousand followers, often posts content with Gimbo.

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Of Chiara Bontempi it is known that she is from Ancona and that she graduated in Verona in 2019. In her working life she moved to Milan and then to Rome, but no information about her profession was ever revealed.

Gianmarco Tamberi and his wife Chiara Bontempi they have been together since 2009, with a love story much appreciated by fans. Often the couple shared ironic and funny contents of their life together on social networks, which since September 1st has become everyday life.

Gianmarco Tamberi to Gianluca Gazzoli: “My Chiara is a special person”

As a basketball fan, Gianmarco Tamberi participated in the Nba All Star Game in 2022, in a celebrity contest in what is known as the Celebrity Game. Gimbo shares a great passion for basketball with ours Gianluca Gazzoliof which he is a great friend.

The friendship between Tamberi And Gazzoli is so tight that the jumper, the day after winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, called Radio DEEJAY to talk to our deejay.

The telephone chat live on the radio ranges from emotions for the great Olympic result to, of course, a few sweet words for the beloved Chiara, who Tamberi describes with immense love and esteem:

She is a special person, I have been lucky to find her in my life. I already knew this before the injury, but in these five years she has truly shown me infinite love for me. What she did for me… it’s hard to find the words to say it.

A love story cultivated for years and today culminating in a wonderful marriage.

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