hypothesis fatality or voluntary gesture for cyberbullying

hypothesis fatality or voluntary gesture for cyberbullying
hypothesis fatality or voluntary gesture for cyberbullying
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Alessandro Cascone was 13, the boy who died yesterday in Gragnano after falling from the fourth floor of his home. It was 11 when he fell, ending up in the parking lot of a private park in via Lamma. By the time the 118 ambulance arrived, the boy was already lifeless

According to the first reconstructions, he had leaned over to fix the TV antenna, but later it was started to think it more likely that the cable had clung to to avoid falling.

The investigations and the hypotheses of the investigators

The Torre Annunziata prosecutor has opened an investigation into the matter, currently without suspects. The hypotheses are fatality or instigation to commit suicide. The body was transferred to Castellammare di Stabia pending an eventual autopsy. In the meantime, Alessandro’s cell phone has been seized.

The hypotheses are still many. Excluding that of reparation, the possibility of a voluntary gesture is also gaining ground. Although it appears he hasn’t been acting strangely recently, his electronic devices show that he was receiving messages from a cyberbully. But why cling to the antenna cable? A detail that leads the investigators not to exclude may have slipped.


Gragnano in mourning

Teachers and friends remember him as a good, polite, precise boy. Meanwhile the city has stopped: all the events and demonstrations scheduled for yesterday and today have been suspended. City mourning will be proclaimed on the day of the funeral.

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