Rome, Matic buys a 2.5 million home

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ROME – The giant prince has already found a home: testifying to a goal, which is to stay at Rome long, Nemanja Matic bought a dream home in the Monteverde district, in the central southern area of ​​the city, worth around 2.5 million euros. While Dybala has not yet chosen where to live, Matic has played in advance. As he usually does on the pitch, when he uproots balls from the feet of his opponents.

Rome, the balance of the market

Rome, Belotti introduces himself

The setting in Rome

Meanwhile, his integration process into the team is proceeding quickly. After a couple of months he already speaks understandable Italian and understands it perfectly. His teammates admire his incredible professionalism, which is noticeable in every training session, and study his elegance in the look, always impeccable outside. Trigoria. And in the game Matic begins to represent an important factor for Mourinhowho wanted him after having coached him at Chelsea and Manchester United: the second half with Juventus and the entire match against Monza allowed him to present himself in style to new fans.

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Mourinho squeezes Roma, Dybala targets Udinese

Matic indispensable

In the head of the coach Matic was to be a luxury alternative to Cristante but, after the injuries of Wijnaldum And Zaniolo, the idea has been modified and adapted to the current situation. Also on Sunday in Udine, in all likelihood, the two midfielders will play together, with the newcomer Camara and the young Bove as ready-to-use changes.

Matic inexhaustible

After a season in which he had not played continuously at the Manchester United, who did not even want to renew his contract, Matic played two games of ninety minutes in 72 hours. In England it hadn’t happened since last January (Wolverhampton plus Aston Villa) but in that case the two days were 12 days apart. In Turin he finished with cramps but against Monza he held up much better also from an athletic point of view. And he can still grow.

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The ductility of Matic

In his role as a defensive screen, he has already confirmed that he is very useful to Roma. But in the future Mourinho could also use him as a central defensive. Such an intelligent champion can do everything. The renewal of the contract will come as a result: Matic has signed for a year with an option until 2023 which will start in presence number 25. He is already at 4 out of 4, he will have no problems in hitting the target. And he doesn’t doubt it. Otherwise he wouldn’t have bought a wonderful house overlooking the city.

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