Terra Amara from 1 September 2022 changes hours

Terra Amara from 1 September 2022 changes hours
Terra Amara from 1 September 2022 changes hours
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What time does today’s episode of Terra Amara begin

There are many fans of Bitter land who are writing to us asking if the episode of Terra Amara is skipped. Terra Amara not airing today? Actually, yes, but the timetable changes and this new programming is not limited to today. Terra Amara from today, 1 September 2022, changes time. The soap Bitter land from 1 August 2022 it starts at approximately 3.45 pm on Canale 5 and live streaming on demand on Mediaset Infinity.

There were several variations of the schedule, so let’s make a brief summary:

  • Until Friday 22 July 2022 the episode of Bitter land starts at approximately 15: 45-15: 50. The Turkish soap airs later Another tomorrowSpanish soap broadcast (always until Friday 22 July 2022) from about 2.45 pm on Canale 5.
  • Bitter land from 25 July 2022 it is brought forward by one hour. What time does it start Bitter land, so? Reversing with Another Tomorrow starts at approximately 2:45 pm.
  • Bitter land it still changes time from 1 August, when it is brought forward by about ten minutes.
  • From 1 September 2022 Bitter land airs at 3:45 pm and no longer at 2:45 pm.
  • From 5 September 2022 Bitter land it starts again later and starts at 4:30 pm.

Channel 5 programming from 1 September 2022

Vahide Perçin (Hünkar) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

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On Canale 5 the programming of the soaps changes in September 2022:

Where to see all the episodes of Terra Amara

Find out more news from the Terra Amara series!

Terra Amara changes hours from 1 September 2022. You are, therefore, looking for Bitter land with all the episodes to be recovered or watched in streaming? Every episode already broadcast on Channel 5 is uploaded to Mediaset Infinity in streaming for viewing on demand.

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Mediaset Infinity is free service which also provides the live viewing.

Terra Amara on Mediaset Infinity today’s episode

On Mediaset Infinity there is also the today’s episodefor anyone who had lost it and wanted to recover it before that of tomorrow. Here, meanwhile, a summary of all the episodes of Bitter land airing August 2022.

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