The strange death of Ravil Maganov, the manager Lukoil fell from a window of the Moscow hospital –

The strange death of Ravil Maganov, the manager Lukoil fell from a window of the Moscow hospital –
The strange death of Ravil Maganov, the manager Lukoil fell from a window of the Moscow hospital –
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from Fabrizio Dragosei

Ravil Maganov, 67, was hospitalized for heart disease. The largest Russian private oil company of which he was vice president and head of the board had criticized the military operation in Ukraine and expressed closeness to the victims

Qhe of Ravil Maganov is perhaps the most excellent of the excellent and mysterious deaths of important Russian personalities in recent months. He flew out of a hospital window where he was being hospitalized for heart disease. Apparent suicide, linked to the seriousness of his condition. But, coincidentally, Lukoil, the largest Russian private oil company of which he was at the top, had criticized the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. The man was hospitalized in the Central Clinical Hospital (TsKB) of the capital, the one historically reserved for members of the nomenclature, the same where Mikhail Gorbachev died on Tuesday.

Under Maganov’s leadership, Lukoil had “hoped for peace”

Maganov, chairman of the board of directors of the company, was the right-hand man of Vagit Alekperov, the former Soviet-era Deputy Energy Minister who in the years following the dissolution of the USSR, during the wild privatizations, had managed to set up the his personal empire.
Alekperov left Lukoil’s leadership in April after being hit by Western sanctions. But immediately after the start of the offensive in Ukraine on February 24, Lukoil had “wished for peace”, had timidly made it clear that what was happening was not the right thing. Little, very little, but still a line that is not in tune with what the Kremlin claims.
In March, the Council, under the leadership of Maganov, had called for a “swift end to the armed conflict” in Ukraine, and had expressed “sincere closeness to all the victims”.

The long list of suicides and obscure accidents

Maganov’s death would raise only some perplexity if it did not come after an almost endless series of more or less obscure suicides and incidents that had already begun before February but which have then intensified. All coincidences? It sounds frankly odd.

Let’s start with Leonid Shulman, head of the transport service of Gazprominvest, a subsidiary of the gas giant, in January of this year. He was found suicidal in the bathtub.

Immediately after, in February, Aleksandr Tyuliakov, senior Gazprom executive. Always in February Mikhail Watford, Russian businessman of Ukrainian descent. Therefore
Vasily Melnikov
, another businessman who died mysteriously. In April Vladislav Avayev, former vice president of Gazprombank, killed with his wife and daughter. It’s still:
Sergey Protasenya
, also killed with his wife and daughter, this time in Spain. He was an important manager of Novatek, the largest private gas export company. In May he died Andrei Krukovskymanager of the Gazprom-owned ski resort in Sochi, crashed while walking down a path.


Also in May he also disappeared Aleksandr Subbotin, another manager of Lukoil, who died of heart failure in a house near Moscow while, according to some sources, he was engaged in voodoo rituals. And in July it was the turn of Yurij Voronov, head of Astra-shipping, a company that works for Gazprom. He would have shot himself in the head in the villa he had near St. Petersburg.

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Another fall from above two weeks ago. That of the financier Dan Rapoport, of Latvian origin, who had made a fortune in Russia and who was a lively critic of Putin’s government. Rapoport crashed from a building in Washington.

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