Sustainable development in the PTOF 2022-23, the themes of ecological transition and how to teach them with ReGenerazione Scuola – Complete online course

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ReGeneration School is the Plan of the Ministry of Education implementing the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda designed to accompany schools in the ecological and cultural transition and in the implementation of education paths for sustainable development envisaged by the teaching of civic education. With article 10 of Legislative Decree 8 November 2021 n. 196 the Plan becomes part of the educational offer of educational institutions. In the phase of elaboration of the plan of the educational offer for the three-year period 2022-2025, starting from September 2022, schools will be able to insert in the school curriculum, the activities relating to the themes of ecological and cultural transition, connecting them to the four pillars and to the Regeneration goals.

Specific areas of the training initiative

  • Knowledge and respect for the natural and environmental reality
  • Active citizenship and legality

Cross-cutting areas of the training initiative

  • Methodologies and laboratory activities
  • Teaching for transversal skills and competences


  • Primary school teachers
  • Secondary school teachers

Objectives of the training initiative

The aim of this course is to provide teachers with the content and methodological tools to design activities that stimulate students to inhabit the world in a new and sustainable way, so as to become protagonists of the desired change for the future.

Synthetic program of the training initiative

  • 1 introductory lesson
  • 6 lessons in the social area of ​​30 minutes each: 6 lessons in the environmental area, 6 lessons in the economic area
  • 1 final lesson


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  • The link between humans, animals and nature
  • The ecological rights of all living beings
  • Definition of major environmental problems and useful methodologies to address them
  • How to minimize human impact on nature
  • The importance of the soil


  • What does “sociability” mean: actions for the recovery of the sense of community
  • Definition of anthropocentrism and ways to start overcoming it
  • Deepening of the link between solidarity and ecology
  • The throwaway culture: why abandon it
  • To develop the right to access common goods


  • Definition of bioeconomy
  • The system of the circular economy
  • What is the relationship between climate and economic problems?
  • How to imagine and actively contribute to a zero-emission, circular and regenerative future
  • Green skills

Year: 2022/23

Duration (hours): 10 hours in 20 lessons administered in asynchronous mode (certification of 25 hours of certification including self-study, tests and study of the didactic material made available)

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