Oktoberfest in Rende and Porcaro’s interference. “It’s my personal thing”

Oktoberfest in Rende and Porcaro’s interference. “It’s my personal thing”
Oktoberfest in Rende and Porcaro’s interference. “It’s my personal thing”
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COSENZA It is one of the many businesses on which the bad from Cosenza has always tried (often succeeding) to stretch its tentacles. The security service on the premises of the bruzio hinterland guarantees money and control. In the investigation of the Dda of Catanzaro aimed at dismantling the “system” set up by the clans of Cosenzathe investigators intercept some suspects and discover – according to what emerged during the investigation – the

Oktoberfest and Porcaro’s interference

The business activity of reference for those who investigate is the «Security XXL Protection managed in Calabria by Giuseppe Caputo“. Who will be awarded the security service for the 2018 “Oktoberfest di Rende” event, “precisely because Roberto Porcaro had imposed the assignment and Caputo, in exchange, had paid him part of the proceeds”. Caputo is intercepted while speaking with another suspect, Francesco Greco. “Self we want to take this job here or he intervenes or we will never take this job !! Oktoberfest! The conversation continued between the two appears to be important for the investigations because it reveals the need “for prompt intervention by Porcaro to get the job, as even a small delay would have resulted in the loss of earnings for both them and Porcaro”. The latter has no intention of losing the deal and in one circumstance makes things clear with an interlocutor interested in the security service. “You don’t make security… security is Caputo, and it’s my personal thing !! ». According to those who investigate, “the proof of extortion and unfair competition is also given by Porcaro’s statement, almost of a confessory nature: OktoberFest, I told them to give preference … with you, period ‘! To us, that if one takes the crumbs, it suits us … The security activity starts and at the Oktoberfest “fewer people are employed than they appeared”. This work earned a huge sum “over 30,000”, and a part was destined for Porcaro as he himself established.

The through

Giuseppe Caputo does not contact Roberto Porcaro directly, but uses an intermediary: Francesco Greco. For the prosecution, the circumstance is proof “of the material and moral cooperation of the two suspects”. Caputo would have requested Porcaro’s intervention through Greco, and therefore “it is a real instigation“. And after the request for intervention, “Porcaro acted and carried out the extortion in continuous and synergistic concert with his accomplices“. Finally, for those who investigate, the three suspects would have obtained an unfair profit.

The accusation

For those who investigate, Giuseppe Caputo (ended up in prison) would be “subservient to the group headed by Porcaro», Although not organically part of the mafia association. The relationship would have yielded two advantages: Caputo would have accepted the provisions of the Cosentino boss (both with reference to the carrying out of the work and the distribution of profits) but also his interference manifested with abuses (the reference is to usury), on the other hand however, he would have drawn “numerous advantages in terms of actual adjudication of various works, thus obtaining a de facto monopoly in the city of Cosenza”. (fb)

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