When music becomes a cultural tool for communities

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This summer the squares of Calabria were adorned with the colors of peace and the communities were able to appreciate a concert (BastaOdio) proposed by Gruppo Spettacolari, which, through a mix of songs and videos and the active participation of local personalities perfectly fitted on the various types of topics covered, have touched different aspects of our society starting from violence against women, homophobia, war, the power of media, to protect the environment. In fact, creating a graceful interest by songs appropriate to the themes, composed by immortal artists such as PierAngelo Bertoli, Mia Marini, Giorgio Gaber, Fabrizio De Andre ‘.

Several communities involved and a unanimous chorus of appreciation expressed by the mayors and personalities present, among which we receive the following comments.

PAOLO MASCARO (Mayor of LAMEZIA TERME It was a concert whose content and message go far beyond the noteworthy musical event: a vision of life was transmitted which is the real keystone for building a better humanity.

RIMOLI VINCENZO (Mayor of SAN LORENZO DEL VALLO) – The event was “worthy of praise”, great value goes to the positive action of musical art which has the power to move and positively shape the human soul against all forms of hate”.

GREGORIO GALLELLO (Mayor of GASPERINA) On the occasion of the second edition of the Day Against Racism, we wanted to send a message of hope through music. The show “BastaOdio” severely questioned us on the role that we must carve out as protagonists in our society, with the enhancement of differences, listening to the “waste” of society, the defense of the dignity of every human being and the need to undertake I walk for a more just world. Every now and then, out of any rhetoric, it is good to remind ourselves of the principles of coexistence that must push us to inhabit the planet.

FRANCESCO DURANTE (Mayor of CASTELSILANO) Show of great cultural stature and certainly never an end in itself. A very sensitizing exhibition and never without content

RAFFAELE MERCURIO (Mayor CROPANI) The show he brings around Calabria Spectacolari is not just a hymn and a campaign against the sentiment of hatred, videos and words alternating with author’s music represent a high moment of cultural reflection original of its kind. It is appropriate to say that in Calabria finally there is someone who, through a musical show, manages to remember the true values ​​of our existence again and I say everything thanks to Maurizio Sirianni.

EMANUELE DOMENICO (Mayor of PALERMITI) BastaOdio da Palermiti, raise awareness of respect, fraternity and, above all, legality. The PALERMITESE community also unites and defends these ideals for a civil and harmonious coexistence for an increasingly rosy future. Beautiful evening with social commitment

VINCENZO SERRAO MAYOR OF CURINGA An extraordinary concert different from all the others because an important message was transmitted through music: that against hatred in all its forms. Music unites all ages, I think there is no better way to speak out against all forms of violence. Perfect songs, thrilling videos, warm voices and hot topics. The goal of the concert was fully grasped. Thanks for being there to all the members of the group, Maurizio Sirianni in the first place!


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Priest COSTANINO ANTONIO (NOCERA TERINESE) The concert on the occasion of the celebrations of Maria Assunta in heaven in the parish of Mary Queen of the family in Nocera Terinese aroused great interest from the community, not only for its music but above all for its contents against any form of hatred and violence. Music can and must always foster that awareness of feeling that we all belong to the same family and share the same goal: respect for every person and idea, even if divergent. I think he sowed a seed that I hope will germinate in our communities and always produce fruits of brotherly love between us and loyal commitments to a more honest and just society.

SALVATORE PERRI (President of the Pro Loco Cutro) A concert that all administrations should show to their people, because thanks to the strength of music, messages that are useful for the cultural and social growth of the community are passed on.

MIRABELLI GABRIELE President of the Miners Association (Petilia Policastro fraction Pagliarelle) Pagliarelle and in particular the Miners association, has decided to raise the level of awareness on the real problems of our Society by accepting to radiate, through the BastaOdio Concert, Socio-Cultural messages to its community . Many compliments received from the population.

LUCA MARRELLI Mayor of San Mango D’aquino. We had the honor of listening to the musical group Spettacolari and listening to the Basta Odio Concert at the Municipal Amphitheater of San Mango.

Important and increasingly topical issues were treated such as freedom, democracy, equality which are strongly opposed to feelings such as hatred, racism, indifference.
The strength of music and art, as an opportunity to send important messages, professionalism and skill of all the members of the band. “

Finally MAURIZIO SIRIANNI creator and President of the APS Spectacular Association that carries around this message Against Hate. We performed the concert in different communities trying to touch, through music, social and humanitarian themes, finding full confirmation everywhere. We do not chase full squares, but people who want to listen and transmit to their children or grandchildren, messages that through Music can project us towards a better and above all more Human Society. There is no doubt that there is a lot to do and it is the case that those who are delegated to the cultural growth of the territories, have the ability to understand which events can actually bring benefits to their community in order not to marginalize it, especially in those contexts. where the incidence of organized crime is greater.

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