Operation to the Piccola against degradation: “Well, but now?”

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The anti-degradation operation carried out on the morning of Thursday 1 September received approval from various parties. Andrea Secchi of Cantiere Lecco also applauded the intervention: “In mid-July, after several visits to the Piccola area and meetings with street vendors exasperated by the situation, we intervened by asking the institutions to do what they had promised and to use the then announced a 1 million euro fund to tackle the inconvenience in order to stem and resolve the situation – said Secchi -. In general, and especially during an electoral campaign, we are absolutely not interested in exploiting situations with alarmism or do-gooders, so we are happy to learn from the local media that an evacuation and cleaning of the area has been carried out “.

Secchi also poses a question: “Well to move, but we ask ourselves what solutions have been taken for the people who lived in camps. Where have they been taken? It is important not to transfer problems from one area to another but to intervene actively and without speculation on the distress of these people “.

The exhibitors ask for the market in the center

A “scream” also for Valter Vanoli, president of Anva Confesercenti Lecco: “Finally! After years of reports and warnings we are pleased to see concrete action aimed at restoring normality and safety in an unsafe and abandoned area of ​​the city, just adjacent to our market area. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the administration and the police present for the hard work of clearing them out and we hope that the situation will gradually return to being serene, civil and decent ”.

“Our association had denounced the situation of degradation several times in recent years and we had also produced photographic reports that revealed how it was impossible to bring together an important entrepreneurial reality such as the market, made up of family micro-enterprises, with the serious problems of urban decommissioning, of poor hygiene and unfortunately lately also of social danger and coexistence. Now we hope that the redevelopment works of the entire area of ​​the Piccola can find a new impetus and certain timing, we are sure that they would all benefit ”, remembers Vanoli.


“I take the liberty of relaunching, on behalf of the association, a proposal that we have forcefully forwarded to the administration in recent months: to bring the Wednesday market to the center permanently, at least until the redevelopment works and the construction sites of the slats are finished . In our opinion, the trials of the Saturday market in the center once a month, deservedly proposed by this administration and shared with conviction by our association, have worked bringing benefits to everyone: citizens, shopkeepers in fixed offices and operators in the public area. We do not ask for the moon: we only ask to live in the city center, at least until the area of ​​the Piccola is definitively redeveloped and equipped to host the Lecco market ”, concludes the president hopefully.

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