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despite the above average prices, sales are proceeding well “

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The potato market is currently dominated by drought. “The biggest challenges are direct deliveries. Due to the drought, especially in clay soils, the clods of earth are hard as rock and in order to harvest potatoes without damage it is necessary to wet the soil first. So now we only harvest what we harvest. it’s really necessary, “says Kees Bijl of the potato trading, sorting and packing company of the same name in Sint Annaland, the Netherlands.

“This situation is generating a good mood on the market. Even for the next few weeks, not much rain is expected. Prices have remained at a satisfactory level for weeks. Price changes are scarce and, despite higher prices, sales are good. We export to quite a wide range of destinations, such as Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. As a company, we mainly supply local packers with canteen potatoes, and the hotel and restaurant sector, with potatoes for processing into French fries. This trade went well during the holidays. “

“Certainly the lots that cannot be irrigated will not produce heavy potatoes. Yields are lower across Western Europe and this keeps the market buoyant. It is difficult to estimate what the price level will be in winter, but for the moment I do not know. I wait for prices to go down and I foresee that we will have a healthy market with above average prices – says Kees – I have to say that the medium-early varieties we are working with now are reasonably good in terms of quantity and size. late to not yet large in size. Test crops show yields of 30 to 50 tons per hectare, quite a wide range, but that’s the reality today. “

Sweet potatoes are also starting to grow again on Tholen soil. These will be available on the market again in October. “This year we saw an overhaul of the acreage, after last year’s results were a bit disappointing. However, thanks to the warm weather, the sweet potatoes are growing well and we could have a good sweet potato harvest. So, as you see, you can’t judge a crop by just one year. Personally, I don’t expect sweet potatoes to become a large-scale crop here in the Netherlands, but it’s a nice crop to have, “concludes Kees.


For more information:
Kees Bijl
Bijl Aardappelen
Langeweg 11a
4697 RE Sint-Annaland – The Netherlands
+31 (0) 166 612850
[email protected]

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