car catches fire, 4-year-old girl died

car catches fire, 4-year-old girl died
car catches fire, 4-year-old girl died
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Terrible accident on the A12 motorway in Versilia, a car overturned and caught fire to lose her life was a 4-year-old girl thrown out of the car. Fatal accident in Treviso where a 34 year old and a young victim also died in Novara.

Accident mortal , this morning around 10.30 in Versilia, on the A12 Genoa-Livorno motorway, first a loud roar was heard and then the very high flames immediately hinted at the seriousness of the accident. It all happened on the roadway in the direction of Genoaat km 122 between the toll booths of Versilia And Mass. The even more tragic news is that it was one who lost their life girl of about 4 years.

According to the first reconstructions, a car is overturned after a rear-end collision e it caught fire immediately. There were four people on board, a family originally from Morocco consisting of a father, mother and two girls of about 10 years and the little girl of 3-4 years who unfortunately lost her life. In the collision the child was thrown out of the window.

The other three were all taken to the Apuan hospital in yellow code for the investigation of the case but are not in worrying conditions. In the second car there were a man and a woman whose conditions do not appear to be serious.

Many emergency vehicles, fire brigade teams, ambulances of the Green Cross of Pietrasanta and of the Misericordia of Viareggio, traffic police and Salt staff who take care of traffic immediately arrived on the spot. Also alerted the regional helicopter rescue Pegaso.

The motorway section was blocked to traffic both north and south to allow rescue operations with the landing of the Pegasus helicopter. After landing, the south lane was reopened, while the north one remained closed, where the accident occurred.

Not only the accident in Versilia but also one in Treviso

The month of September unfortunately opens with yet another fatal accident on the roads of the Marca. The accident occurred at 11.25 today, in Cessalto, in via Cal Longa. The victim was called Nicola Baldo and he was 34 years old. The boy was run over and killed by a passing car, a gray Audi.

According to some witnesses, it seems that the young man, resident in the area, was trying to take back his dog that had fled along the road shortly before when suddenly the car hit him.

The doctor and nurses of Suem 118 intervened to try to save his life by helicopter and ambulance, but unfortunately there was nothing for him to do, the injuries sustained were too serious, any resuscitation attempt was useless. A patrol of the Treviso traffic police intervened to investigate the law and will investigate the dynamics of the accident.

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On the site of the tragedy, in addition to the family, the mayor of Cessalto also intervened, Emanuele Crosato, which brought the condolences of the whole community to a family literally torn by grief, in a few days one of the two brothers of the victim was preparing to celebrate their marriage. An event that unfortunately will be canceled due to this terrible disaster.

The month of August ended in the province with twelve victims, the last being the young man Francesco Favaro 17 years old and today in Castelfranco Veneto the funeral of the eleventh victim will be held at 3.30 pm, Kevin Carrarooverwhelmed on the evening of August 25 by a car, in Campigo.

Novara, an 18-year-old boy died

Fatal accident during the night in Novara, on the provincial road to San Pietro Mosezzo. Around one o’clock he was found on the ground, next to his bike, an 18-year-old boy, Rosario Raffa, originally from Messina.

The 118 staff tried in every possible way to revive him, but the young man died as soon as he arrived at the hospital.

Rosario Raffa was a popular DJ and rapper, he studied at the Casorati Institute in Novara. The boy would have turned 19 in September and lived in the Novara Ovest neighborhood where his mother and his brother had moved from Messina.

Just three days ago the three left for Piedmont, after spending a holiday in Rodia, a part of the Tyrrhenian coast of the city of the Strait.

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