Because I can’t do without Russian gas

Because I can’t do without Russian gas
Because I can’t do without Russian gas
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Dear energy. The underlying question is not just how do you plan to solve the problem, the underlying question is much more embarrassing (for others): Can we really afford to do without Russian gas? I think the answer can only be negative.

The reasons why we cannot do without Russian gas

We cannot do without Russian gas because for decades we have been supplying ourselves with Russian gas (among other things at affordable prices). It is not a situation today, it is a situation created over time and therefore you cannot think of letting this gas disappear. Putin also knows this very well, and he uses this dependence in strategic terms, but we have built an option of energy dependence and therefore you cannot think overnight of making Italians miss this gas, otherwise what we are seeing happens: you cannot have 100% of the total volume of gas and you have to strive to invent other sources. Then maybe these other sources, beyond the country and the much heralded agreement, hide in the shareholding once again pieces that come from Russia therefore a shareholding that in any case recalls the famous villain with whom we do not have to do business.

It would also be said that we are paying prices of wrong choices that they have been imposed on us, because Libya’s speech cannot fail to remind us of the responsibilities of a war that was fought there, of the pressure that has arrived, of choices that have also been made against the Italians. But not even this can be said and yet, even there, the intervention – let’s say of other powers – we had to suffer and sooner or later it will be necessary to take into account the mistakes that have been made and the energy policies that today keep you on the hook.

So I say it: I am not prepared to do without Russian gas. Because? Because we, from now on to the next few months, will not know how the curve of the energy prices will splash and if an entrepreneur or a family fails to program even the voice of energy stops doing business. In July, bills arrived that are of a lower amount than those that will arrive for the month of August. Most likely those of the month of August will be + 20% compared to those of July and what will those of September be like? And those of October? They will perhaps be even more expensive and therefore the entrepreneur and families they cannot have such a haphazard accountingthey cannot fail to know how much money they have to save to pay their bills.

This adds up to all the other difficulties faced by entrepreneurs relating to the cost of raw materials, delivery delays, Equitalia’s files, relations with banks, and taxes to be paid. So there are always variables that are difficult to program and that’s why we need an energy policy clear.


What has the government done?

The government has done nothing beyond saying ‘we want peace and therefore we send the weapons to Ukraine’. Very well: in the meantime you are witnessing the massacre of an entrepreneurial fabric, of a social fabric, because if businesses close, then obviously layoffs start. Budget gap? Not even talking about it. Therefore they prefer to blow up businesses rather than doing the budget variance.
And again: is it ever possible that the fight against speculators can’t be done seriously. Maybe you have some of these speculators in your house because she is a state subsidiary, a company controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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ENI made + 700% compared to the previous semester, therefore over 7 billion in profit. They can make a profit of 7 billion while the Italian economy, Italian families, are suffering. And what does Draghi say? He doesn’t say anything. This means that Draghi is ruling for speculators and when all this will see companies practically at the gas barrel – this expression is never anchored to the truth of the facts – be careful: when the state does not arrive, the anti-state arrives, the mafias.

Let’s do the math well, are we sure that we are implementing the right policy? There is no doubt that all this pacifist rigor, to use an expression that others like so much, in the end does not produce an internal war? I think that the Italians are fighting a war that is not ours and never waged.

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