words of fire of the councilor Borrelli

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The mural by Lucio Dalla which was located between vico Concordia and via Emanuele de Deo, in the heart of the historic center, vandalized with a black spray

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The mural by Lucio Dalla in the Spanish Quarters of Naples has been vandalized. Scarred, spray-painted black. Where once there was the noble and melancholy face of the Bolognese artist, today there is a meaningless scribble that tells the moral impairment of those who do not understand art and therefore repudiate it.

An open-air art gallery in the Spanish Quarters

The mural by Lucio Dalla was located in the historic center between vico Concordia and via Emanuele de Deonear other murals that together with that of Lucio Dalla constituted an artistic itinerary in the open air much appreciated by tourists and by the healthy part of the residents, who are the majority.

An incomprehensible damage since Lucio Dalla deeply loved Naples and the whole of Campania.

Spanish Quarters between rebirth and discomfort

For years in the Spanish Quarters of Naples residents and artists have been committed to redeveloping the streets of the historic center. This is why, in addition to the insult to the memory of a great artist, episodes of vandalism like the one that took place today arouse such waves of indignation.

The councilor’s complaint: “The mural of a Camorra man has never been vandalized”

The complaint of the scar is ofNeapolitan artist Salvatore Iodice, very active in the cultural life of the city. The video complaint was taken up by Francesco Emilio Borrelli, journalist and Regional Councilor of Campania, who published it on his Facebook profile.

Desolating words from the collective Miniera, an association created to spread culture: “But can’t you really have the pleasure of a more beautiful neighborhood?… Better s ** mma than art and culture. Sorry Lucio Dalla ”.

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Fire words also from the councilor Francesco Emilio Borrelli: “No mural dedicated to a Camorra man or a robber has ever been vandalized or obscured in all these years. The memory of Lucio Dalla or Giancarlo Siani is muddied, but never anything against the scum of our city ”declares the regional councilor of Europa Verde.

The mural by Lucio Dalla in Sorrento

As proof of the close love relationship between Lucio Dalla and Campania, there is another mural, 70 meters high, created by street artist Jorit for the ten years of the artist’s death.

Photo Source: Facebook Francesco Emilio Borrelli

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