Amat dispute, trade unions: “Immediate urgent meeting with institutions”

Amat dispute, trade unions: “Immediate urgent meeting with institutions”
Amat dispute, trade unions: “Immediate urgent meeting with institutions”
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The unions, worried about Amat and the future of the public transport company in Palermo, ask for an urgent meeting to resolve the personal issue and other problems.

THE Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Faisa Cisal, Ugl, Cobas Trasporti, Orsa Trasporti unions they ask for an urgent meeting with the mayor Lagalla, the deputy mayor Varchi, the councilor for mobility Maurizio Carta and the president Amat Cimino to discuss the issue of the dispute relating to the transport company of Palermo.

“A month after the meeting with the Municipality, on the nodes on which the future of Amat and services to citizens depends, such as tax litigation,adaptation of the company contract as well as the lack of staff, we have not received any feedback and answers in concrete terms. In the meantime, the company will find itself forced to suppress 50% of the service due to lack of drivers and, moreover, close to the opening of the school year and the resumption of winter operations which would include about 180 cars on the line ”. So we read in the note from the unions, waiting for a response.

Amat dispute, unions ask for an urgent meeting

The unions do not forget, in their note, to refer to news stories of the past few days. Events that have rekindled the debate on safety in Palermo and, in particular, of Amat employees.

“Despite the continuous assaults suffered by the staff by a disappointed and exasperated user by the lack of service or by the consequent contributing causes, drivers and controllers, with self-denial and diligence carry out their work “.

Here is the request: “We ask that every preparatory and immediate action be released immediately hiring of missing drivers in organic; also because there are no longer any margins of mediation when the safety of the staff and the future of the company, heavily put at risk by the many ‘choices’ of the past, is no longer there “.

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The unions conclude: “The workers are ready for any form of mobilization allowed, to protest and inform citizens of the objective responsibilities linked to the poor quality of the service and to the increasingly precarious future of the Company, which risks a dangerous drift without immediate intervention by the property or anyone entitled to intervene “.

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