Riccardo De Corato, the “sheriff” with security as a totem. With FdI candidate in Rozzano: “I obey the party” – Corriere.it

Riccardo De Corato, the “sheriff” with security as a totem. With FdI candidate in Rozzano: “I obey the party” – Corriere.it
Riccardo De Corato, the “sheriff” with security as a totem. With FdI candidate in Rozzano: “I obey the party” – Corriere.it
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from Andrea Senesi

Riccardo De Corato, 70, former leader of the Youth Front, was elected senator in ’94 with An. Former Deputy Mayor of Milan, he has just resigned as Security Councilor

An average of three releases per day, including religious holidays. Robberies, violence, fights: in the world of Riccardo De Corato Milan is the reign of terror, a small Caracas in the heart of Europe. Nothing escapes the “sheriff”. The conclusion of so much communication enthusiasm, of course, is always the same: the city is hostage to criminal gangs due to the lax and pro-immigration left.

The latest news on the 2022 political elections

Now De Corato is running for a seat in the Chamber in the college of Rozzano, in the southern hinterland. A college considered safe by the right, despite Ilaria Ramoni, a tough anti-mafia activist from Libera in the race for the center-left. So sure that Brothers of Italy led him to preventive resignation from the desks of the regional council to make way for Romano La Russa, brother of Ignatius. Quite unusual, but he is used to obeying party directives by keeping silent. Believe obey fight.

A very long story, that of the missino who left Andria. The first years in the city are certainly not easy, southern in cold Milan and “fascist” in the very hot seventies. He who does not even have a license, however, runs the city like a top. In his pocket he has, since he was a boy, the MSI card. Always an Almirantian, De Corato manages to get himself elected in 1985 at Palazzo Marino, from where he leads a fierce and uncompromising opposition to the socialist juntas. With Tangentopoli his fame goes beyond the gates of the Municipality. There are two weapons: courtroom obstruction and exposed in the prosecutor’s office. In the “Milan to drink” he maintains a direct link with the Courthouse, which in the years of rampant Berlusconi will cost him more than a hostility from his own front. Also for this Gabriele Albertini wants him as deputy in both of his terms as mayor. Not only that, though. He will also be councilor for public works, “five billion major works without ever a judicial grain,” he repeats with pride. The restoration of the Scala, the purifiers, the Arcimboldi theater. The long-awaited delegation to safety comes only with Letizia Moratti. The “sheriff” can thus consolidate his fame among the evictions of Roma camps (sometimes he supervises the operations himself) and community centers. Col Leoncavallo then is a long story that begins in 1989. «I was attacked in Piazza Argentina while we showed our solidarity with the young Chinese in Tiananmen Square. I got a beating and four stitches out of it. ‘ When Giuliano Pisapia wins the elections, after twenty years of domination by the right, the antagonists remember him, arrive under the window of his house and mock him with the cry of “De Corato unemployed”.


Now he wants to go back to Parliament, from where he has been missing for ten years, passing through Rozzano. And Milan? “The situation from the point of view of security is dramatic”recently told a Free. “The city is in a state of neglect. We need a signal ». The “sheriff” has no intention of being unemployed for long.

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