Have you seen Alessandro Cecchi Paone’s boyfriend? ‘a little boy’

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Alessandro Cecchi Paone has found a new love: to testify it is a shot that tells a very intimate and private moment of pampering and relaxation, on board a boat, with a boy much younger than him. The two are about 34 years apart. But who is the mysterious young man?

A’summer full of love the one just experienced by the famous presenter Cecchi Paonewho spent days on the boat with her new boyfriend, 34 years younger than him, who has already become very famous.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone caught with a new boyfriend: he is very young

Alessandro Cecchi Paone is a well-known radio and television journalist, scientific and cultural popularizer, essayist, university professor and civil rights activist. A man of great culture, who in his career has shown that he knows how to combine doctrine with fun: always ready to have fun and get involved, he has participated in several reality shows, such as The Island of the Famous and Big Brother Vip.

The eye of the storm has never lost sight of him and he has never shied away from his judgment: in fact, even this summer, he showed himself shameless in the company of a new boyfriendone of which is noted shocking age difference. After the photo that sparked the curiosity of many, the boy immediately went viral and followed on social networks.

Who is Alessandro Cecchi Paone’s 26-year-old boyfriend

His name is Simone and was immortalized in an image published by the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini “Who”which shows the tangible harmony of the couple. He, 26, does not belong to the world of entertainment but has already met many well-known faces such as Simona Ventura.

The fanpage.it portal reported Cecchi Paone’s statement who confirms that he has nothing to hide and tells a little of his own new love story, born under the summer sun that lit the fire of passion. In the photo, in fact, the two embrace, witnessing one strong attraction and complicity.

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“It is a great and sweet summer passion, a very recent story that we are, if we want to say, experiencing. We have already made a couple of public outings together, in Rimini by Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi for a series of events in which I presented my book and in Milano Marittima at the Vip Master Tennis. Over the summer the story is growing and here you have photographed a beautiful moment between us “.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone

Is the story destined to remain just a “summer passion” or will it develop into something more serious?

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