Energy crisis, Bonomi: if Russia stops supplying gas at risk 2 out of 10 companies

Energy crisis, Bonomi: if Russia stops supplying gas at risk 2 out of 10 companies
Energy crisis, Bonomi: if Russia stops supplying gas at risk 2 out of 10 companies
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L’European Union and the Italian government they are working to define concrete measures for expensive energy which has now become unsustainable. To find out what the next moves of the European bloc will be, we will have to wait a few more days, when the September 9 the summit of EU ministers will meet in Prague to decide on the gas price ceiling and the possibility of creating a new energy market in which to unlink gas prices from electricity prices.

Bonomi’s alarm: with the stop to gas from Russia, one fifth of the Italian industry is at risk

While the price of gas continues to remain above 200 euros (even if far from its maximum of 339 euros last week), the leader of Confindustria ignites the risks that the energy crisis can entail on the industries of the country. “In the event that Russia completely suspends the shipment of gas, we would have a hole in 4 billion cubic meters“, which would also remain uncovered by 90% of national stocks. If” then those 4 billion were missing and they were all accidents on industry, it would mean to extinguish almost a fifth of the Italian industry“.

Thus the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, raised the alarm by speaking to the microphones of Rtl 102.5. For this reason “we must think of the worst-case scenario, of a rationing strategy”, with “a political choice on which we ask great responsibility because shutting down the industrial system means putting thousands of companies and jobs at risk”.

“What we are facing is an economic earthquake”, added Bonomi, “the government can and must intervene, we cannot wait two months for the arrival of the new government” to address “a problem of this dimension, which means putting the Italian industrial system at risk, putting household income and employment at risk “.

Banking institutions are looking for solutions to fight the energy crisis

Besides in Germany, Deutsche Bank has already begun to offer concrete solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises by dedicating a new loan program to them to help them fight rising energy costs. Germany, more than other countries, is in fact facing an unprecedented energy crisis, with skyrocketing prices after Russia cuts the flow of gas. The risk for the main European economy is that of a recession (albeit a technical one) already in the third quarter if there were to occur a complete shutdown of Russian supplies to Moscow.


Deutsche’s new “energy credit” delivers loans for 250,000 euros with payback periods of up to 180 months for companies that want to become less dependent on fossil fuels. Germany’s largest bank said companies could use the credit forinvest in machinery that increases energy efficiency or convert a heating system.

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“Especially now, when the business models of many companies are under pressure due to the sharp rise in energy prices, we want to help companies cope with inflation in energy costs,” said Hauke ​​Burkhardt, head of business. bank loan. (All rights reserved)

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