“Plastic truth, I’ll ask for new exams”

“Plastic truth, I’ll ask for new exams”
“Plastic truth, I’ll ask for new exams”
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The forensic examination does not convince Liliana’s brother, Sergio Resinovich, who signs a long letter in which he declares that he wants to ask the investigators and the Prosecutor for further information and, if necessary, to proceed with a new examination. A great bitterness emerges from the words of the victim’s brother, accompanied by doubts, questions and perplexities. Here is the full text of the letter:

For months, many, too many, I have been waiting for answers. It is true that I have never believed in suicide, but I have always declared that I am ready to accept even this bitter truth, as long as it is convincing from the point of view of facts and science.

My family and I waited patiently and confidently for the results of the various consultations, botany, toxicology, IT, but no exhaustive answer, as far as I know, has arrived, all always open, very generic. We anxiously hoped that everything could be solved by forensic medicine, to give Lilli dignity and to find peace. Yet another cold shower.

Before mid-August I read the doctor’s draft, I asked my consultants to explain things, in the last few days I also saw some photos, but also and above all following this the doubts and perplexities have increased a lot rather than diminished.

Liliana would have committed an extreme gesture, so the PM experts seem to conclude, but where is the demonstration. I’m sorry to say it, but there are various aspects not clarified, many things not investigated, some errors and inaccuracies in this report, I say this with extreme and absolute respect, but also the Truth and the memory of Liliana must be respected. This is a plastic truth, which does not convince me and my family, I knew my sister well, nothing of what she attributes to her was part of her usual behavior.


I have never accused anyone, I do not want to do it now, as a brother and as a simple citizen I just try to understand what really happened and I hope that all those who have known and loved Lilli, are not satisfied, like me, with a solution like this. weak and unstable.

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Through the professionals who support me, I will ask the investigators and the Prosecutor’s Office, towards whom I have heartfelt esteem for the professionalism and commitment, to deepen and integrate the medical-legal examination and proceed, if the Justice considers it absolutely necessary, to a new examination, to eliminate the many shadows that still remain on my sister’s end.

Sergio Resinovich

The article is in Italian

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