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Filippo Foscari appointed Deputy Coordinator City of Oil “Sicily:” Let’s protect farmers “

Filippo Foscari appointed Deputy Coordinator City of Oil “Sicily:” Let’s protect farmers “
Filippo Foscari appointed Deputy Coordinator City of Oil “Sicily:” Let’s protect farmers “
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The new deputy regional coordinator of the national association “Città dell’Olio” is the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Castelvetrano, Filippo Foscari.

This role allows Castelvetrano to return to being a protagonist in an area, in which it has so much to spend, for the progress of the whole sector, which represents the flagship of the economy of the city and of the whole region.

“This important objective has been achieved thanks to institutional relations work, carried out in recent months, which has led to convergence on Castelvetrano for this role – says the mayor Alfano. – I strongly believe that by joining forces, sharing good practices and creating synergy, we can achieve important results in the dissemination of the culture of oil, in the enhancement of the olive landscape and in the construction of a tourist offer aimed at knowledge of the product and the territory, as well as to give impetus to the oil sector. Thanks go to all the mayors for their trust, to the President of the Città dell’Olio, Michele Sonnessa, and to the Director, Antonio Balenzano. To Filippo Foscari, the best wishes for an exciting job, to be carried out with the competence and team spirit that distinguish him. “

“I am very happy for this assignment, but at the same time, I feel the responsibility of being the voice of a sector that has a great weight in our city. Olive growing in the Belice area has a very long tradition: there are written traces that attest that oil was exported already at the time of the Greek citadel of Selinunte. Given the historical tradition of olive cultivation in the Belice Valley, it is therefore necessary that the Oil Cities work in a network, to enhance the extra virgin olive oil and the olive landscape of our territory, collaborating with our olive growers to promotion of extra virgin olive oil and oleotourism.

It is also essential to arrive at a definitive solution to protect our farmers in terms of the price of the product, in consideration of the quality of the olive oil and our table olives. Nocellara del Belìce is the only cultivar in Europe to have two PDOs, for oil and for table olives, but the market often does not ensure the hoped-for revenues to producers, and many lands remain uncultivated.

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Producers must be protected, the market encouraged. Given the high quality of our Nocellara del Belice oil, we can no longer afford it to be compared to the product of Spain and Greece, ending up being penalized. ” declared the newly elected deputy coordinator Filippo Foscari.

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