Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa and the memory of his son Nando, between past and present

Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa and the memory of his son Nando, between past and present
Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa and the memory of his son Nando, between past and present
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Memory, politics and historical reconstruction in a long interview withAGI

The memory of a father, the political commitment to eradicate the mafia cancer from Italy and “the sense of the difficulties to be faced”. These are just some of the issues addressed by Born from the Churchson of the General Carlo Alberto from the Church assassinated by Cosa Nostra (and not only) on September 3, 1982, in a long interview released today to the microphones ofAGI. A triple murder with which Cosa Nostra, in addition to that of the General, also snatched the life of his young wife, Emanuela Setti Carraroand the escort agent, Domenico Russo. A massacre that took place in a few moments when the mafia killers flanked the moving cars by shooting wildly with the AK-47 Kalashnikovs. A crime that also killed the “hope of honest Palermo”, As stated in an anonymous message that appeared in the aftermath of the heinous murder, on 4 September 1982, in via Isidoro Carini in the place of barbarism.

But despite the past forty years, from a historical point of view “everything has been clear for a while – answers theAGI Born from the Churchwho will go down to Palermo on 3 September to commemorate his father –. On the other hand it corresponds to what I wrote in ‘Crime imperfetto’ of 1984, not because I was particularly good but because the pain pushed me to say what others denied or that it was a murder that took place in front of everyone. I also remember the title of the Manifesto: ‘Chronicle of a death foretold’“. That word – “Imperfect“- used with a precise scoop:”respond to Andreotti who loved being caustic about my father’s death and in his column on the European entitled ‘The notebook’ he had written an article, ‘Meridiani e paralleli’, supporting the thesis of the perfect crime, that is, without executors or principals “. “Instead – continues the General’s son – the perpetrators were identified when one of them was arrested for another affair, he blamed himself and gave the names of all the others. As for the principals, the magistrates have indicated precise paths to follow, but from the criminal point of view, beyond a certain threshold it has not been possible to go. Anyway, what is there to know after Scarpinato went to tell the National Anti-Mafia Commission that the green light call had come from a number of the Parliament?“.

Born from the Church he then denies the existence of gray areas behind his father’s crime, “because what happened is very clear. You just have to want to see it. They tried to make the picture less clear by also resorting to Moro’s papers, which however were an invention of the informative political underworld“. So that “I was immediately warned that this strategy would be adopted“, has continued.

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Forty years later
Between the four decades that separate us from the day of the crime “this is definitely what the best popular conscience has expressed“On the death of Carlo Alberto from the Church. “It may seem paradoxical, but it is a very interesting phenomenon from a cultural point of view – keep on Born from the Church. In short, memory should fade and over time oblivion should prevail and instead it is the first time in forty years that I have so many celebratory appointments, to the point that my sisters and I Rita And Simona we can’t go everywhere. It has never been like this“. The same collective attitude claims to have noticed it “for Falcon And Purse. And I told myself that attention, as well as affection, grows as we move away from what happened because, despite what we can legitimately say about the country, Italy has changed. There is a stronger civil memory that begins to be cultivated right from school. A role, that of the school, which is always criticized, while I have seen how much it does in terms of civil commitment and how many teachers are dedicated to it with all their might“.

Mafia society and pro-mafia society
Another topic dealt with by Nando dalla Chiesa in the long interview with theAGI it concerns the theorem that was the basis of the father’s initiative in contrasting Cosa Nostra. The general considered the idea according to which the mafia organization trained white-collar workers within its mostly family ranks to be unfounded, since it uses technicians and professionals recruited from civil society, confirming the decisive thesis according to which the mafia association is much more vast of the Cosa Nostra alone. To comment on this Born from the Church makes a distinction between “mafia society and pro-mafia society“. “In Italian society which before, not having been directly affected by the mafia, it was not known which side they were on, two dynamics were produced: one is that of a widespread commitment against the mafia and the other of a willingness to do business together. And it is as if an internal conflict has opened up in society, so much more than before you are ready to collide with the mafia and much more than before you are willing to collude with it.“, explains. A concept that might seem contradictory, but “it happened that society split in two and the gray zone (which includes those who did not know, who did not understand through unconsciousness) has largely gone to magnify anti-mafia sensitivity – explains –. When in a movement active in Turin I began to deal with the mafia there were no texts around, there was no literature, no essays if not apologetic, and we had difficulty even organizing cineforums. Today this is no longer the case“.

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United as a family, but with different political views
The last topic dealt with, as well as the most current, was that of the sister’s candidacy Rita from the Church among the ranks of Come on Italy from Silvio Berlusconi. a candidacy that has given rise to many controversies in the public debate but, despite this, Nando dalla Chiesa says: “Rita and I have always been a single granite stone and we will continue to be“. Rai also made itself heard in the public debate, which took the decision to move the airing of the new fiction on the General Carlo Alberto from the Church after the elections of 25 September. “I think it would have been enough to say to her in the press conferences: ‘Madam, we are postponing fiction for opportunity’. But airing it twenty days later, a month later, changes little after all“This does not mean that Rai will not commemorate the general, in fact the”however, it will do otherwise”, Reassures Nando.

In the picture: a young Nando from the Church with his father, Carlo Alberto


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