Salvini in Piacenza “Here we lost the first half, we have to win the second”

Salvini in Piacenza “Here we lost the first half, we have to win the second”
Salvini in Piacenza “Here we lost the first half, we have to win the second”
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Electoral campaign in view of September 25, a stop in Piacenza for the leader of the League Matteo Salvini with a public meeting with militants and citizens on Thursday at the Cod Gardens. The Northern League leader has not only unleashed the workhorse of security, but also the themes of the school and the expensive bills.

“There are 24 days left to vote – remarked from the stage, alongside Matteo Rancan and the outgoing parliamentarians Elena Murelli (candidate for the single member of the Senate) and Pietro Pisani – and I tell you not to trust the polls and what the left is saying. Do not trust those who say that politics is useless, they enter everyone’s home ”.

Nobody does miracles – he told reporters – and I did not come here to say that if the League wins there will be no more robberies, drug dealing and assaults, but when the security decrees were in force, when the borders of our country were controlled, when forces were hired order and cameras were turned on, crimes decreased. It is necessary to hire 10 thousand policemen and carabinieri in 2023, turn on too many cameras that are off, take over the prison plan that has been stopped for too many years, I also think of the violence suffered by the agents. And too many illegal immigrants who are here to commit a crime must be expelled ”.

“For me, rapists and drug dealers should be treated like murderers, because anyone who dirties the body of a child of a woman or who sells drugs are like those who take life and thus should be punished, unfortunately this is not the case today. If you deal in Piacenza, the next day you go for a walk and if you rape, the risk is that you can go back to doing it. In several countries, there is a drug treatment for rapists that prevents them from committing further crime. I was the Minister of the Interior, putting back the security decrees costs zero and must be done in the first council of ministers ”.

And on the recent administrative defeat, he said: “I repeat it also in Piacenza where we lost the municipal ones, the center-right made some mistakes on that occasion. When the citizens vote they are always right but the air is that of a change. We lost the first half and that’s how it works in a democracy, the League will make a healthy and honest opposition. We hope to win the second half, that Piacenza and all of Emilia Romagna elect the candidates of the League and of the center-right: aspiring to elect them all, to win all the colleges is absolutely within reach “.

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From the stage, the Northern League leader spoke about economy and the gas emergency. “It is a country that is a little fairer than what we want, with the Fornero law that must be eradicated. The Revenue Agency is sending millions of files to the homes of Italians, despite the covid, despite the war, despite the electricity bills. A normal country today stops the sending from Equitalia of the files of the Revenue Agency which risk ruining millions of families. A normal country would have already approved a decree to block the increases in electricity and gas, because someone on the left and not only says that Salvini is wrong, because if we allocate 30 billion euros now in debt to help families, businesses and traders, public debt grows. I tell Letta, do you prefer to spend 30 billion now to save thousands of jobs and make people work or spend 100 billion in three months to pay millions of redundancy and unemployment benefits? The bills are increasing by 2.3 or 4 times and you have a bar and instead of a thousand euros of 4 thousand, if you don’t pay it, they turn off the light, they turn off the gas. And then you fire two employees and go to INPS to ask for unemployment. So is it smarter to do like the French who have put 30 billion now to allow you to continue working and pay taxes or do nothing and find yourself a million unemployed to give triple to keep them at home? The answer seems obvious to me. Why don’t they do it? I don’t know. But we insist ”.

“We have two different visions on school: on the left they reward families who have money, when Calenda says that everyone aged 14 and up should only go to high school, because those who go to high school are smarter, while those who go to technical schools are more ignorant because he has more problems. In my opinion it is he who has problems ”.

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