Because the price of milk is bound to increase dramatically and the possible consequences

Because the price of milk is bound to increase dramatically and the possible consequences
Because the price of milk is bound to increase dramatically and the possible consequences
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There is no sign of stopping inflation in our country. Also in August the bar speaks of + 8.4%, numbers that have not been recorded since 1985.price increase it is investing a little in all sectors, affected above all by the dizzying increase in the cost of energy as well as those of raw materials.

Increases that are bringing numerous companies to their knees, inevitably forced to increase final prices. One of the most affected sectors is that dairy. Two industry giants like Granarolo and group Lactalis they clamored for urgent measures from the government to avert even more disastrous consequences for the thousands of companies that make up the supply chain.

According to the two companies in this step the cost of milk to the consumer who has already undergone record increases in recent months, it could increase further by December 2022.

An unacceptable thing for a primary and fundamental good for the Italian diet. Let’s see everything that weighs on the final price of milk and what consequences there could be.

The price of milk risks a new increase

Granarolo and group Lactalis which are usually two antagonistic companies on the dairy market, have today taken the field in a common front making a big voice in the face of the continuous increases in the costs of electricity and raw materials.

Inflation has hit double-digit numbers in almost all cost items that make up the milk supply chain. The cost of feed for animals, also thanks to the long period of drought, has reached record numbers that have forced companies to increase the evaluation of milk to farmers by up to 50%.


Then there is the increase of all the other components related to the marketing of milk and milk derivatives as for the packaging. But companies are most concerned about the costs of electricity bills which in recent weeks are still increasing.

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For Granarolo only for energy it is a 200% increase in 2022 compared to 2021 and the risk is to reach a further 100% in 2023. The Lactalis group is queuing up declaring increases of 220% compared to 2021 and a forecast of 90 % for the next year.

Businesses are on the brink, these giants are doing so much to limit a devastating impact on the market, taking on spending increases to avoid further weighing on the final price. But it is difficult. The cost of milk in recent months has already reached € 1.75 / 1.80 per liter. The specter is that by December 2022 it may exceed the 2 euro threshold per liter. Unacceptable for a primary good.

«To date, inflation has led to a price increase of 23/24% but energy costs continue to grow exponentially. We are calling for a transitional measure to contain an increase in inflation triggered mainly by geopolitical issues and evident speculative phenomena. An urgent government intervention is needed ” – this is the unique request sent by Gianpiero Calzolaripresident of Granarolo e Giovanni PomellaCEO of Lactalis Italia.

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