Pellets online at bargain prices, cheated craftsman from Bassa – Bassa Atesina

Pellets online at bargain prices, cheated craftsman from Bassa – Bassa Atesina
Pellets online at bargain prices, cheated craftsman from Bassa – Bassa Atesina
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LOW ATESINA. The activity of scammers is constantly evolving and, therefore, in view of the cold season, aware of the increase in the prices of raw materials necessary to heat our homes, here is an increase on the web fake pellet sales sites at extremely advantageous prices . The scammers, through the creation of fictitious pages, guarantee the supply of pellets at competitive prices, requesting advance payment by bank transfer without then delivering the ordered goods. Victim of the scammers, in recent days, was a 40-year-old craftsman residing in Bassa Atesina who, after paying an advance of 2,000 euros for what he believed to be a good deal for the supply of pellets, did not see the goods arrive and, any subsequent attempt to contact the seller proved unsuccessful. The victim therefore has nothing left to do but file a complaint.

At the Consumer Protection Center of Bolzano – the director Gunde Bauhofer – confirms that, lately, there is an increase in victims of this type of scam also because, given the increase in the price of fuel, consumers are increasingly oriented to search the net for possible offers to contain spending. So, continues Bauhofer – it is more than ever necessary to pay attention by following several rules to make online purchases safer.

The advice of the Ctcu to avoid scams.

1. Always inquire about what you want to buy based on the three fundamental characteristics of an ad: Price: always compare different ads to get a better idea of ​​the price without being lured by too low an amount. Photos: Prefer ads with clear, detailed photos and, when possible, with videos or virtual tours. Description: always focus on well-structured and correctly written ads, able to provide you with all the information you need, including all that relating to the identity of the seller. Reliability: check the reputation of the portal through which you want to make purchases. On the net there are sites that assign an independent evaluation on the reliability of the site, collecting the opinions of users.

2. Contact the advertiser with the official chat: it is better to always use the official chat of the platform integrated in the app. For any type of communication it is necessary to remain within the platform which always guarantees greater safety and protection. To avoid nasty surprises, it is better to be wary of asking insistently to be contacted via email or alternative chat.

3. You must always protect your personal and sensitive data. And carefully consider what data to provide thinking if they are really necessary for what you are doing. Care must be taken to remain within the official platform, following the instructions step by step to complete the sale in a safe and guaranteed way. Never use external or insecure links where payment or sensitive information is requested.


For any doubts, always contact the official support center of the platform. “Never send copies of identity documents if asked for.”

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4. Always choose the official payment and shipping systems, integrated in the in-app purchase process. With these systems, each phase of the sale is entirely managed and guaranteed by the platform. Thanks to the purchase protection, the money is held by the platform and sent to the seller only after the receipt of the object is confirmed. Always choose integrated shipping to conclude a deal safely, being able to monitor the status of the shipment and follow the entire buying and selling process.

“We must be wary of those who push to choose payment systems external to the purchase in the app, or those who request to advance sums of money for the payment of phantom customs duties”. “For online purchases, use debit cards that have to be recharged based on the amount of the good to be purchased”. “It is necessary to verify that the web portal from which you wish to purchase is equipped with the https protocol (requirement attested by the presence of a closed padlock in the address bar), which guarantees that the connection between the user’s computer and the site is protected and safe”.

5. Always prefer business with positively valued users and work together to make your preferred trading platform safer and more connected. It is best to always evaluate the users with whom you do business. Each review is important because it allows other users to get to know each other, to trust and to create a safer environment online. MAX.BO.

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