Telephony and inflation, Iliad: “We will not increase prices”

Telephony and inflation, Iliad: “We will not increase prices”
Telephony and inflation, Iliad: “We will not increase prices”
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We will not index the prices of telephone subscriptions to inflation, our promise is ‘forever’ “: the CEO of Iliad, Benedetto Levi spoke on the debate that was unleashed following the Vodafone’s decision to index the prices of the offers, for now on the Spanish market.

“The debate is very curious, since in Italy the other operators already regularly make unilateral changes and nothing prevents them, for the new contracts, from raising the tariffs”, added Levi, underlining however that “it is It is important that the possibility for users, in the face of unilateral increases, to change operators without any penalty is not lost“.

Vodafone’s decision: adjustments from 2023

The Spanish branch of Vodafone has decided that it will adjust the prices of subscriptions every year taking into account the consumer price indexaka inflation: the amendment to the contracts will come into effect from January 2023. Users will have 30 days to cancel their subscription to the company without penalty: in the event of a bond to the operator resulting from an installment plan for the purchase of a smartphone, customers will have to pay the missing installments. The price adjustment will not affect the customers of the low cost company Lowi, which belongs to the telco, nor the customers who have subscribed to “social” rates.

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According to what Vodafone declared to the Iberian press, the goal is “consolidate the long-term sustainability of the business ”and guarantee the“ necessary resources ”for networks, products and services in Spain. The company explains that mobile phone prices have dropped 32% since 2008 despite the sharp increase in customers and data consumption. “There have been losses of more than 34% of revenue over the past decade and an erosion of business value of about 50%,” said Vodafone. “This has reduced operators’ investment capacity in infrastructures for the new 5G telecommunication networks”.


Istat: Tlc service production prices at -3%, in contrast

In the second quarter of 2022, producer prices for services increased by 1.8% on the previous quarter and by 4% on an annual basis. This is what Istat notes in its report on producer prices for industry, construction and services in July 2022 and in the second quarter of 2022. The highest trend increases concern maritime and coastal transport services (+ 42.5%) and air transport (+ 26.5%); Land the only downward trends concern telecommunication services (-3%) and other information services activities (-2%).

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