How to save on electricity and gas, here are the practical tips disclosed by associations for consumers

How to save on electricity and gas, here are the practical tips disclosed by associations for consumers
How to save on electricity and gas, here are the practical tips disclosed by associations for consumers
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It is now clear that saving on electricity and gas is a priority issue. Here are the advice disclosed by Altroconsumo.

THE energy prices they show no sign of diminishing, on the contrary. Probably this winter will be much worse for the finances of the Italians. Citizens and businesses are suffering a lot. While waiting for the situation to improve, we can implement some behavior that will save us on the bill.

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A savings mentality it certainly is appropriate regardless. Consuming less, not over-shopping for unnecessary items and not wasting food is a simple matter of respectAnd we should always do it. But now the question has become even more pressing.

It is useless to go around it. The bills have become unsustainable, for practically everyone. Those who have always been used to keeping an eye on their consumption will probably continue to do so. Those who, until today, did not think that we would reach this point can draw inspiration from some valuable suggestions.

To disclose the handy vademecum is Other consumptiona very famous magazine a consumer protection. Small gestures can really make a difference, even on your bill. And maybe, once the crisis is over, we can continue to behave virtuously. In the meantime, here’s how to save on electricity and gas on a daily basis.

Practical advice to be implemented immediately to save on electricity and gas

Start to save money it is impossible if you do not know the consumption of our appliances. Some of these, in fact, are notoriously energy-intensive, and we can use them less often. But above all we must learn to use them correctly. This already will save us immediately on the bill. That’s how.

The electric ovenfor example, it is an appliance that consumes a lot, and we can consider replacing it with a gas oven. Or of alternate the use of the oven with the microwave, which cooks food in a very short time and therefore saves us energy. In the end, better to choose a standard size oven (60 cm) why bigger ones consume up to 150 times more energy only to get to the right temperature.

We can also save on washing machine And dishwasherjust waiting for there to be a full load to wash. Better to have a recent model for both appliances, so as to be able to select the “eco” or “saving” function. As for the dishwasherif possible we avoid using the drying function, which consumes a lot of electricity.

The refrigeratorif kept in order e cleanremains efficient and consumes little. The important thing is not to open it too often, because it will use energy to return to the set temperature. Never put hot or lukewarm food insidebecause even in this case it will have to consume more to cool down. To store food properly it is enough to set a temperature of 4-5 degrees and not lower.

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The air conditioning air is very comfortable during hot summers like the one just passed. Notoriously it consumes, but not as much. For an ideal use it is enough set the temperature to 6 degrees lower than the outside one. In addition to saving, we protect our health, because going from an environment that is too cold to a very hot one can cause various ailments.

For all appliancesfinally, one holds fundamental rule. They must be kept clean because in this way we guarantee its efficiency. Filters, pipes, grids and anything that makes an appliance work, if dirty, causes one greater effort of the same, which therefore consumes more.

Some tricks to save in everyday life

We can optimize our consumption even by implementing a few small tricks, which maybe even our grandmothers did the same reason. For example, those who do not remember the steam cooker? It greatly reduces cooking times and therefore it is worth dusting it off from less used utensils.

Our grandmothers, however, did not have the microwave and we can use it to prepare many recipes and save time and money. And use it slyly for too heat a cup of milk or make teabecause we consume less than gas.

In addition, many perhaps over the years have “forgotten” about lids. Using them when preparing food is helpful to consume lessbut also a give the food a juicier and softer consistency. Let’s think for example of meat. If instead we use the ovenwe can salso fold it 5 minutes before that the cooking time ends, because it will remain in temperature without consuming and the food will cook anyway.

Also personal hygiene can be done by saving money. We have always known what to do about it a shower rather than a bath in the tub does consume less water and also the energy used to heat it. Who still has the Boiler electrician should think about switching to another method because it is notorious for consuming a lot. Approximately 800 Euros per year against about 400 of the classic gas boiler.

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