Falls from the bridge: Bellosguardo in mourning for the death of Stefania

Falls from the bridge: Bellosguardo in mourning for the death of Stefania
Falls from the bridge: Bellosguardo in mourning for the death of Stefania
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It is a community in mourning that of Bellosguardo for the tragic death of Stefaniathe doctor who fell from the bridge of Sack. The drama took place around 9 am yesterday morning (31 August). The case is under investigation.

Bellosguardo in mourning for Stefania, who died at 56

Apparently the woman reached the area with her car, pulled the car up to the side of the road, then she would get off and after a few moments she would have fallen down.

Accident or suicide the investigators will clarify, the fact is that the death of the woman has left the community of Bellosguardo incredulous.

The memory

The victim, 56, was a doctor, as was her husband. Many of her remember her as a person who is always available, ready to give assistance to anyone, even outside the hours of service. A mourning that hit the Bellosguardo community hard. “He carried out his profession with passion – says an acquaintance – saved the lives of many people“. “She was a generous, cordial and professional woman,” this is another comment.

The alarm and recovery of the body

It was some passers-by who triggered the alarm when they saw the car parked on the bridge, with no one on board. It didn’t take much to understand what had happened.

The woman’s body ended up on the banks of the Sammaro river, between its gorges, falling from a height of almost 200 meters. The Sacco bridge, in fact, is famous for being one of the tallest single arch bridges in Europe. It has a height of about 170 meters and rises along the road that connects the municipality of Sacco with that of Roscigno.


Complex body recovery operations.

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THE fire brigade of the rural garrison of Roscigno and the carabinieri, who intervened together with the 118 health workers on the spot, were able to do little by land. Necessary for the arrival of a 115 helicopter from which an operator descended and took steps to harness the body with a rope and then bring it back to the deck.

Mourning in the community of Bellosguardo

Many messages of condolence, even from local administrators, some of whom arrived on the scene of the tragedy.

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