“Ready to invest in alternative sources, but politics help us” – Corriere.it

“Ready to invest in alternative sources, but politics help us” – Corriere.it
“Ready to invest in alternative sources, but politics help us” – Corriere.it
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from Maddalena Berbenni

Projecting the current cost over one year, it is estimated that expenses amount to over 250 million euros compared to 25 million last year and 15 million in 2020

The CEO of the chemical company Polynt of Scanzorosciate Rosario Valido on Monday announced the temporary closure of some plants
due to the exorbitant increases in gas. “They no longer allow us to be competitive”, he put pen to paper in a note forwarded to newspapers and trade unions, and addressed to the policy of “fine words and few facts”.

Valid, what reactions have there been?

“We had an immediate reaction from the Democratic Party, from the mayor who has been following us for some time (Davide Casati, provincial secretary of the party, ed), the honorable Antonio Misiani and two other exponents ».

“We have a meeting next week to see together what can be done.”

«One of the issues I have tried to pose is that of the slowness of the bureaucracy. Here we would need to replace methane, which costs $ 330, with other fuels, such as butane, which is also a clean gas. It would require some investment because we would have to adapt the plants. First, however, we would like to understand if the so-called environmental authorization, the Hague, which normally takes a long time, can be shortened, and if some exceptions can be made in a transitional period like this, as long as there is the issue of gas as well. expensive, perhaps providing “post” rather than “pre” checks. If this type of action could be carried out, extremely practical and fast, I would make an investment in our plants to be able to use other sources of energy, I would do it immediately. But without the certainty, which can only come from politics, how do you invest? ».

What should you do in practice to convert suppose to butane?

«We should have dual plants with the possibility of having access to diversified energy sources, rather than a single supply like today. Today we have and can only use methane, according to the permits we have ».

Are the times for such a process long?

«Assuming a green light regardless, the investment part would take a couple of months. It is not a long time, but it is a lot compared to the drama of the moment, because gas costs today are 10 times higher than 12 months ago, when they were already high ».

How much would it cost you to adapt the implants?

«Limiting ourselves to the Scanzo and Valdarno plants, which are the ones where this problem is most evident, we are talking about 2.5 million or 3 million euros to invest immediately. But, I repeat, these are resources that I would make available immediately. The savings would be evident, not only in purely economic terms. Being able to diversify energy sources affects everyone, it could help not only our chemical supply chain, but many other companies ».

How high is your bill today?

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“By projecting the current cost over a year, we will spend in Europe, and largely in Italy because 80% of this figure is Italian (Polynt has factories all over the world for a total of 3,300 employees, ed), over 250 million euros compared to 25 million in 2021 and 15 in 2020. The number has already been rising for a few years. Passing on the prices of the products an additional cost of this type is impossible, the final market cannot pay these costs ».

In Bergamo there are no other companies about to stop a part of production as you are doing. Isn’t it that his is more a provocation than anything else?

“Unfortunately no, it is not a provocation. I have to meet the unions again (next Tuesday, ed) so I’m still a bit hermetic about the details. But we have products whose variable cost, that is, the cost of the raw material, is now lower than the cost of the energy needed to produce that product. It is an absurd thing, that in fifty years of work (almost all at Polynt, ed) I’ve never seen, not even in times of huge oil crisis. We should be selling our products at prices that are at least double those of the competition. We are good, customers love us, but it doesn’t stand up. As for the other companies, we have just returned from holidays. If nothing is done, I suppose the problem will get bigger ”.

The unions say you already slowed down in July. Was that up to it?

“Yes, because part of the market had already stopped. Customers who have extended their holiday period from 3 to 5 weeks, we have several. The trend was already clear in July and became very clear in August ».

“For the gas increases, in August we exceeded our budget of 30 million, a huge amount. We will close the month at a loss, albeit a slight one, for the first time in many years. In my memory it had never happened. ‘

What time do you expect to stop the plants?

“In the meantime, we are thinking about September-mid-October to start decreasing stocks, start not buying gas at current prices and see what happens. We have no intention of penalizing our people, we never have. If we really have to resort to social safety nets, we will, but our intervention wants to be short-lived, a month, a month and a half, no more. Clearly the market conditions must allow us to return to being competitive, otherwise the period will lengthen ».

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