Covid, Ema green light for vaccines against the Omicron variant. The quarantine is reduced to 5 days

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Everything is ready for the new vaccines against Covid. Today the Ema, the EU drug agency, after the regulatory bodies of the United Kingdom and Switzerland, has granted a wide authorization, starting with adolescents, for the two new medicines made by Moderna and Pfizer: these are the bivalent vaccines that were created on the original strain of the virus, that of Wuhan, and on Omicron 1.

The pronouncement of the Italian drug agency Aifa will follow shortly. Health Minister Roberto Speranza said that “we hope to have the availability of new updated vaccines by mid-September”.

The Health circular has also been signed, which will reduce home isolation for asymptomatic positives, a light quarantine that will not exceed five days.

The days of isolation are reduced

Tar the news in the fight against Covid there are the new rules on the home isolation of asymptomatic positives that have been changed with a circular signed by the dg of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza. On Tuesday the Higher Health Council met to give its opinion on the new “light” quarantine and after this opinion the Ministry of Health issued the waiting circular. In practice, in the wake of what has already been decided in other countries, a reduction in isolation is immediately triggered: for cases that have always been asymptomatic or were initially symptomatic but have been asymptomatic for at least 2 days, the isolation may end after 5, instead of the current 7 days “provided that – the circular reads – a test, antigenic or molecular, is carried out, which is negative, at the end of the isolation period”. On the other hand, the hypothesis of directly abolishing the exit test as it happens in other countries starting from the USA has not passed. In cases of long positivity, on the other hand, home isolation can be concluded at the end of the 14th day “regardless of the test being performed”

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New bivalent vaccines

The studies on the EMA table show that the new “adapted” vaccines provide a stronger immune response than the first vaccine against the BA.1 and BA.4 / 5 variants, while the protective effect against the original virus (Wuhan strain ), measured in terms of antibody concentration, would remain equivalent to the old one. After the approval of the EMA on 5 September, Aifa, the Italian Medicines Agency, will in turn give the authorization for our country, while again next week the EMA together with the ECDC (the European Center for disease prevention and control) should also give indications on the priority categories to which access to the new vaccines is guaranteed: we always think of the over 60 and the vulnerable. We should start with them and then broaden the audience to other categories.

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