All interruptions on the green metro in Milan (even after the crane accident)

All interruptions on the green metro in Milan (even after the crane accident)
All interruptions on the green metro in Milan (even after the crane accident)
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Traffic on Milan’s M2 subway, green, on Thursday morning was more difficult than usual: not only because of the long-standing construction sites but also because of the accident involving a crane on Wednesday evening. The M2 trains are replaced by buses between Cernusco and Gessate.

All replacement bus stops

  • Cernusco S / N: Strada Padana Superiore, near via Diaz – map
  • Villa Fiorita: stop in via Gobetti (near the station) – map
  • Cassina de ‘Pecchi: Strada Padana Superiore after via Venezia (towards Gessate), before via Matteotti (towards Villa Fiorita) – map
  • Villa Pompea: Strada Padana Superiore before via Villa Pompea – map
  • Gorgonzola: piazza Europa – map
  • Cascina Antonietta: via Sondrio before via Linate 8 October 2001 (towards Gessate), at number 81 (towards Villa Fiorita) – map
  • Gessate: in front of the station square – map

For Bussero, Atm recommends using the Cassina de ‘Pecchi and Villa Pompea stops. Due to the shape of the road network and the difficulty of the buses in maneuvering in some sections, there is no stop in perfect correspondence with the Bussero metro station. A crane of the external company working on the construction site at the Bussero station damaged the line, forcing Atm to cut off traffic.

The Bussero crane accident

Accident Wednesday afternoon near the Bussero metro station, on the green. According to the first information learned so far, the arm of a crane would have fallen, overwhelming the pylons of the M2 and the stairs leading to the quay, which have collapsed. Fortunately at that time, at 6.40 pm, there was no train passing on the line, which is external at that point. And there were no injuries. The bulletin could also have been tragic, given that at that time the traffic was strong and a convoy had passed a few minutes before the event.

According to what has been learned, the construction site, which is located in Piazza De Gasperi, was owned by Atm and is open for the construction of accessibility works, which also include the demolition of the old overpass that would have begun in these nights. Atm technicians at work to remove the fallen arm, the firefighters and the carabinieri, who will be responsible for accurately reconstructing the dynamics of the accident and ascertaining any responsibility.

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