The Cespec Summer School analyzes the relationship between body and environment in the contemporary world

The Cespec Summer School analyzes the relationship between body and environment in the contemporary world
The Cespec Summer School analyzes the relationship between body and environment in the contemporary world
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From Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 September the XV edition of the Summer School organized by Cespec (Center for Studies on Contemporary Thought), entitled “Abitare. The body, the environment, the cosmos ”, four days of seminars and public meetings dedicated to the relationship between body and environment, with particular reference to the interdisciplinary dialogue between natural sciences and human sciences. The key events of the 2022 edition will be the inaugural lecture on Tuesday 13 September, at 9 pm, at the Hall of Honor of the Municipality of Cuneo (via Roma, 28) and the public meeting on Thursday 15 September, at 9 pm, at the Rondò dei Talenti (via Luigi Gallo, 1). In the first meeting, the philosopher Paolo D’Angelo (Roma Tre University) will talk about “Thinking the landscape, living the landscape”. On the second evening, the design historian Emanuele Quinz and the anthropologist Stefano Boni will speak with “Is the world too comfortable? A dialogue on comfort between anthropology and history of design “. The Summer School takes place with the support and collaboration of the Collège des Bernardins. The event is organized with the support of the CRC Foundation and with the patronage and / or collaboration of the City of Cuneo, the Academy of Fine Arts of Cuneo, the Casa Delfino Onlus Foundation, the Ferruccio Parri National Institute, the Historical Institute of the Resistance and Contemporary Society. in the province of Cuneo, Alliance Française of Cuneo, Unesco Club of Cuneo ODV, Lions Club of Cuneo, Protestant Cultural Center, Interdiocesan Theological Study of Fossano, Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Fossano, Department of Philosophy and Sciences of Education UniTo, UniTo Department of Law – degree course in Sciences of Italian and European law, “Pellico – Peano” State High School and Science and Librerie L’ippogrifo Cuneo. The event is held in presence with live streaming on the Facebook page @cespecufficiale of the evening events only. Participation in all events is free upon reservation, subject to availability, by writing to [email protected] The program can be viewed on the website and on the Facebook page where the reports of all the sessions will be published.

“For about two decades Cespec has been an important link between the Cuneo, national and international university centers, the other cultural promotion realities of the territory and a vast associative world present in our province – declares the president of Cespec, Angela Michelis – . Traditionally, the center of these activities is the Summer School. The activities of the Summer School are divided into different types of events: seminar sessions, during which interventions of high scientific profile and large spaces dedicated to discussion alternate, seminar workshops and public lectio magistralis with scholars of particular importance for the guiding theme of the year, opportunities to meet citizens and to thank the sponsoring bodies. The methodological characteristic of the current three-year project is to place a sensory-sensitive approach at the basis of the path, precisely in the awareness that the faculty of sensitivity, guided by the intellect, brings us back to the facts that initially manifest themselves in a less controversial way. with respect to the schemes, which we draw from the data in memory for our conceptualizations and interpretations. This remains another fundamental element in building the public space that wants to maintain a relationship with a truth that is somehow verifiable and limit the manipulation of opinions ”.

The Cespec 2022 Summer School is part of a three-year research cycle, which began last year, which allows the association to further enrich its cultural commitment in the area. Each cycle is characterized by a general theme, which acts as a common thematic background for the activities of the individual years. The 2021 edition of the Summer was focused on sensoriality, and therefore on the body’s ability to be affected and to change its relationship with the outside world. At the heart of this year’s project, on the other hand, is the theme of living, tackled on three different scales of magnitude.

“The first and most natural is that of our body, seen not as a simple ‘physical object’, but as a place of exchange and continuous interaction with the environment – explains Alessandro De Cesaris, scientific director of the Summer School -. The second scale is that of the social and physical world, in which man enrolls himself as a co-creator in a complex dynamic of actions and reactions. Finally, the planetary and cosmic dimension, opened by scientific progress and the human capacity to cross the terrestrial borders. The questions of the school will therefore be the following: how do we inhabit our body? How do we inhabit our natural and social context? How do we inhabit the world and the cosmos? The school will address the theme of living with particular attention to the contribution that the human sciences can make from a descriptive and normative point of view. The goal, in short, is to understand how the human sciences can help us to deepen the reflection on the relationship between body and environment, but also how they can provide practical, ethical and political guidelines, to cope with the increasingly frequent and significant crises that arise. present in the public sphere “.

The Cespec


Cespec (Center for Studies on Contemporary Thought) is a cultural association active in the province of Cuneo, which gathers young scholars, graduates, doctoral students, researchers, university students of humanities, teachers of all kinds and degree and citizens. Through its activities, Cespec wants to contribute to promoting an interdisciplinary reflection in the sectors of applied ethics, public ethics and relations between religions and the public sphere, also contributing to the training and education of democratic thought.

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The three-year cycle

The theme of the three-year cycle 2021-2023 is “The knowledge of bodies. To live in yourself, to live in the world “. The cycle offers three different perspectives on the body, on its relevance in the analysis of the dynamics that cross the public space and of the challenges posed by new technologies and current events in general. In addition to medical knowledge and the biological sciences, the body is the subject of increasing interest on the part of the human sciences. Putting the body at the center means providing a precise perspective on the evolution of public space, of political ideas but also of forms of life. In this framework, a central theme is occupied by the religious dimension, which in this sense acquires a very particular status, revealing itself as the dimension that for millennia has preserved a real “knowledge of the body”.

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