Sondrio, smart working as a relaunch lever for the city

Sondrio, smart working as a relaunch lever for the city
Sondrio, smart working as a relaunch lever for the city
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Smart working, due to the pandemic, has now become a practice for many workers. According to Stefano Angelinis, this new “practice” can be an advantage for the city of Sondrio and to ensure that more young people remain not only to work, but also to live in the capital and in the entire province.

“Two years of Covid have brought the awareness of how much our lives have changed, with habits destined to remain over time. For territories like ours, touched by world events and further threatened by local limits, political action to revive does not could only seek new development trajectories and not re-propose old recipes that do not go well with the changed context conditions. – explained Angelinis – A context that sees, among the post-pandemic habits destined to remain, first of all smart working, innovation not without immediate repercussions, but which, in perspective, constitutes an incredible opportunity for territories such as Valtellina “.

New opportunities

“The reality of 2022 has in fact consolidated a basic factor: the growing and increasingly unsustainable cost of living in large cities. A problem that not too long ago did not have an easy solution, today finds, for many professions, concrete possibilities in the work of remote, which translate into opportunities for inland and mountain areas. Opportunities, therefore, for those who, like some of my peers, decide to live in Valtellina without giving up their work, earning it in terms of cost and quality of life and thus contributing to a possible revitalization of the territory – continued Angelinis – In this period there is a lot of talk, on the one hand, of the repopulation of small villages thanks to Smart working and, on the other, of the need to redesign metropolises as “cities in 15 minutes “, That is, cities capable of limiting the movements of their citizens for essential services to no more than a quarter of an hour from their block. More than for small villages, I believe that this is above all the opportunity for medium and medium-sized cities, which may have dimensions not too different from those of a village – and the related benefits of livability – but which guarantee all essential services “in no more than 15 minutes” , perhaps on foot or by bicycle. Basically the identikit of Sondrio “.

Different vocation

“In a phase of economic-demographic decline, with the trade crisis and concerns about the lack of centrality of local banks, Sondrio, as a city of services, will have to rediscover a new economic vocation, which cannot be exhausted in a vague and totalizing run-up to tourism, which, although fundamental, can only be one of the levers to be used. – the minority councilor at Palazzo Pretorio always emphasized – Technological innovation and smart working allow in part to overcome the eternal physical constraints arising from the road isolation of a territory recently renamed as the most “disconnected” province of Italy. The possibility of living in Sondrio while working for companies whose headquarters are located elsewhere can offer an interesting lever for economic recovery based on life choices of those who decide to make a home and a family in our capital which, despite its limitations, always shines for the quality of life that is in gr ado to offer. The owners of second homes will also be able to extend their stay in Valtellina and, with their own consumption, contribute to its revitalization, if not moving to a permanent establishment. In addition, the increasing preponderance of works based on intangible assets and the centrality of software, combined with the lesser importance of physical location, will make it more feasible to allocate innovative companies in the area. All this will be possible if local politics are also able to implement measures that are consistent with a vision that goes in this direction, in synergy with the private sector “.

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“For some time now, as a council group, we have been promoting reflection on this issue, now also finding interesting positions taken by some entrepreneurs, who show a growing awareness that a new way is possible. – concluded Angelinis – A beautiful and unique territory which you live well, but which is able to invest in these strengths. Investing, in addition to physical infrastructures, in the human capital of the citizens who live there and who will be able to live there, focusing more than on the desire to “not let people escape “The younger generations, with the aim of opening up and attracting new people and ideas, acquiring the awareness that convincing people to live here is possible if Sondrio is able to make a city that not only looks to the past, but invests with courage towards the needs of the present and the future “.

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