“Energy crisis and expensive bills, the Municipality of Jesi knocks a beat”

“Energy crisis and expensive bills, the Municipality of Jesi knocks a beat”
“Energy crisis and expensive bills, the Municipality of Jesi knocks a beat”
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JESI – «Energy crisis and expensive bills, the Municipality of Jesi knock a shot ». Thus the groups Jesiamo, Orizzonte Jesi, Riformisti, Patto per Jesi in opposition who turn to the municipal administration: “The construction of the new public lighting, currently being completed, was one of the major investments in public works of the past administration that has affected over 7 thousand light points in the city now equipped with new LED technology with a lower impact in terms of light pollution but above all less energy-intensive in terms of consumption, so much so as to absorb the increase in the cost of electricity consumed by the institution in recent months. A lower expenditure that has a positive impact on the budget and on the municipal coffers without affecting the availability for services to citizens ”.

“But with the approach of the autumn and winter months, the reopening of schools and the shortening of the days, the issue of electricity and gas consumption with related bills is a very delicate topic even, if not above all, for Public Bodies that in a time characterized by economic hardship must to deal with the expected increases for the next few months and which will drain important resources from municipal budgets, however, having to provide the necessary services. Of course, the needs and also the economic problems of citizens will also have to be taken into account, especially in the weakest income brackets, for which an essential role must be played by social services in collaboration with ASP.
Among the proposals those of reduced hours o partial switching on of the light points of public lighting, as measures must be taken inside public buildings, including primary schools, to contain gas consumption by perhaps reducing the maximum temperature allowed inside the buildings by a couple of degrees or reducing the period of ignition of the heaters.
Therefore, the measures or at least the intentions of theMunicipal administration on this delicate question, what is certain is that one or more decisions will have to be taken to avoid huge bills to be paid for the municipal coffers as for those of the citizens who will have to be called and made aware of the same precautions to be used inside their homes.
On this issue, on which at the moment the municipal administration has not given any sign of interest, it will be important to discuss as soon as possiblebetter in a commission or in a hearing in which the expected costs are disclosed and the proposals to mitigate them are discussed without significantly impacting the services, we believe that it is a topic of considerable interest for citizens that should be immediately shared “.

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