“To save companies we can also clash with Brussels”

“To save companies we can also clash with Brussels”
“To save companies we can also clash with Brussels”
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He has just returned from a tour in Sicily (“the bridge over the Strait? I’m in favor, but first let’s spend the two billion already allocated for the other infrastructures on the island, otherwise what are we talking about?”). And tomorrow it will leave for the productive North: Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Verona and Cernobbio. It’s a raging river, Carlo Calenda. Galvanized by the polls that give the Third pole growing, at 8% for Noto polls (but “we will do as in Rome, where we started from 6% and arrived at 19”, he assures), the leader of Action feels that the goal is within reach: “Stop this right bankruptcy and ask Mario Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi ». Objective: «To save businesses that risk disappearing. Even by imposing a force on Brussels ”.

Renzi: «After the vote, the third pole will be decisive. On reforms ready for dialogue with everyone “

Calenda, Confindustria raises the alarm: with energy at these prices, there is a risk of a desertification of companies. What to do?
«The risk is real. For a month now I have been proposing to party leaders to stop the electoral campaign and meet us. Meloni says Monday in Parliament: okay. However, I would like to point out that the center-right continues to ask Draghi to invest tens of billions on bills but then gets angry if the government in charge for current affairs sells Ita. We must all make a commitment ».

«That we are ready to invest heavily against expensive energy but that we will not throw any more money afterwards. Let everyone say it clearly: the government will not break the accounts ».

Hasn’t the leader of FdI already given reassurances on this front?
“It is not enough to be responsible for ten minutes. The program presented by Lega, FdI and Forza Italia costs 200 billion. So we are not serious ».

There are those who accuse Draghi of being too shy at this stage.
“The absurd thing is that the same people who have discouraged him are accusing him, such as Conte, Salvini and Berlusconi. If they wanted a fully operational premier, they didn’t have to send him home. Having said that, I believe that the executive is acting seriously ».

Is the European gas price cap an achievable goal?
«Very achievable: Europe may be able to impose the price of methane on Russia. And then all supply contracts include force majeure clauses to curb speculation. But it is a complex operation, it will take time: first we need other measures ».

For example?
«First point: uncoupling the price of energy produced by renewables from that obtained with gas. Second: a sharp cut of ten billion on the bills of energy-intensive companies, starting with the steel and ceramics sector. Third: the regasification plant in Piombino, about which the Pd and FdI have said everything and the opposite of everything. Fourth…”

«We need to communicate to Brussels the immediate suspension of ETS credits, the so-called emission certificates that companies buy based on how much they pollute. In fact, an extra tax. We can’t afford it. ‘

And how do you say enough?
«We can make a forcing. A unilateral communication in Brussels. We cannot wait any longer: in the end, the EU institutions will also arrive. In the meantime, let’s go before the European Court of Justice, if needed ».

Would the rest of the majority agree?
“And who knows? Everyone says weird things. Di Maio proposes to cut the bills, but as a minister he blocked the two regasification ships that I had given the order to buy, he tried to stop the TAP. It would be better to keep quiet and be a little ashamed ».

But you are in favor of the budget variance. While Meloni, for example, does not want it, like Draghi.
«I am in favor only under certain conditions, if necessary to save the GDP. Meloni does the opposite of what he promises: he professes himself Atlanticist and in Europe he is with Orban ».

Do you think that Italy would risk being isolated, with you as prime minister?
«In Brussels she is with the pro-Russians, there is already a medical cordon towards her and her group. I don’t think that as prime minister you would have political viability to ask for more deficit or monetary support from the ECB ».

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Don’t have a head of government resume?
“Neither you, nor your ruling class, which has the same level of preparation as the candidate who had deployed in Rome, Enrico Michetti, who spoke only of chariots. I was a minister, I have management experience in Ferrari and Sky, yet I think Draghi is more adequate than me at Palazzo Chigi. Here, on the other hand, everyone believes themselves to be Nuvolari, even without having kept a steering wheel in their hands ».

What would be the priorities if you were behind the wheel?
«Building a normal country, no bonuses or unrealizable promises. Every euro more must be put on young people and on health care: you cannot wait 22 months for a mammogram. And then we need a shock plan for the school “

Meaning what?
«Full time in all institutes, even in high school. 50% of graduates are unprepared, double the European average. Less notional education, more aptitude for learning. The maturity a year earlier proposed by the right does not make any sense ».

And the compulsory conscription?
“An imbecility. It would cost a lot. Salvini proposes it and Berlusconi boasts of having abolished it ».

You say you are aiming for an “Ursula” majority. Could the cinquestelle be part of it?
“The 5S shouldn’t be anywhere, they should disappear. I think of those who supported the Draghi government. If I were Meloni, then, I would be the first to ask the premier to stay to overcome this moment of storm: he should realize that he cannot do better ».

Is there anything Draghi has been wrong about in recent months, from your point of view?
“Perhaps more could be done on industrial policy, on infrastructure. But overall he was a very effective executive. And Draghi the most authoritative prime minister since De Gasperi ”

Better than Renzi?
“Don’t ask me, since I was part of that executive. It was the only government that lowered taxes, we have done good things for businesses ”.

Speaking of Renzi, how is the tandem going with him? Is he still happy to have left the Democratic Party?
“It is the Democratic Party that has abandoned itself, by dint of chasing the populists. Renzi did a great act of generosity by giving me leadership. We talk every day, tomorrow we will be together in Milan ».

And the washing machine, did you learn how to use it? Or her wife still leaves her instructions?
“(Laughs) I’ve always known how to do it. It was she who did not trust. ‘


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