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meeting between dance and the city
Second edition
Face Off INART starts in Matelica (Mc) – 5/11 September

On stage Ballet of Rome, Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Compagnia Ariella Vidach,
Hunt cdc, Tocna Danza, Compagnia degli Istanti / Compagnia Simona Bucci

The second edition of Face Off closes, a widespread contemporary dance festival in Matelica (Mc), the city where the event was born in 2014 by the will of the Municipality and the Proloco, with the artistic direction of Roberto Lori, the organizational direction of Marika Errigo and the care of the Simona Bucci / Compagnia degli Istanti and Promatelica, in collaboration with AMAT

The success achieved in Matelica over the past seven years has prompted the company to imagine the project as a traveling festival that involves the involvement of various Italian towns and cities. Face off is based on the idea of ​​bringing contemporary dance into the city, outside conventional spaces, developing stimulating and suggestive alchemies between the artistic process of dance and the urban architectural heritage, with the aim of enhancing and invading new places in which to set up. the performances: from squares to courtyards, from libraries to cloisters, from ports to alleys, from museums to villas.

So from 2021 Face Off took the form of a widespread festival, gradually adding new stages which this year were Sarnano (Mc), Marano Lagunare (Ud) and Aradeo (Le).
After Aradeo in May, Sarnano in June and Marano Lagunare in July, the festival finally arrives in Matelica with the title of Face Off INART and offers a program that runs from 5 to 11 September. The calendar crosses the hospitality of leading companies such as Balletto di Roma, Compagnia Zappalà Danza,
Compagnia Ariella Vidach, Hunt cdc, Tocna Danza, Compagnia degli Istanti / Compagnia Simona Bucci together with the hospitality of formations of young artists from the area, combining the proposals of shows with a conspicuous laboratory activity.

The program

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Trattidivisialterati opens the festival on 5 September at 9.15 pm in the courtyard of Palazzo Finaguerra. The show choreographed by Luca Campanella and Roberto Lori, also interpreters, co-production Compagnia degli Istanti / Compagnia Simona Bucci and Hangartfest, questions the human difficulty in finding a balance between destabilizing existential issues and social conventions, reflecting on the ambiguity between research of a deep contact with oneself and with the other and the surrogate of technological interconnection.
Tuesday 6 September at 8.30 pm in the splendid location of Villa Collepere it is the turn of a composite evening entitled Cestini di Sound, picnic with performance that includes 4 shows: Dialogo a tre, Castaway, If not now, never and Darkness in the light.
Dialogue for three, presented by the Compagnia degli Istanti, sees Fabio Bacaloni, Michela Paoloni and Ilaria Battaglioni on stage, in an unexpected meeting that comes to life in the space of improvisation, an off-center dialogue in constant change of forms, which slowly becomes a new and unexpected story.

Only Naufrago follows, signed and danced by Paolo Cingolani. Naufrago, focused on the theme of loneliness and social exclusion, is a hybrid performance, which develops through elements of dance and theater. The staging is supported by music composed by the performer himself. If not now, never by Hunt cdc is a tribute that the choreographer Loris Petrillo dedicates to Giacomo Leopardi and to his immense artistic heritage in the bicentenary of “the Infinite”. Darkness in the light, by and with Pablo Ezechiel Rizzo (Compagnia Ariella Vidach) is a solo that is inspired by mycorrhiza, a particular type of symbiotic association between a fungus and a superior plant, in which the two organisms live in close contact, drawing benefits reciprocal. From this research, a genderless character emerges which manifests itself during the day in all its lyricism and turns into a figure
Dionysian at night. At 9.15 pm on Wednesday 7 September, a showcase will be dedicated to the young artists of the area in which to propose their performances in the courtyard of Palazzo Finaguerra.
On Thursday 8 September, again in the courtyard of Palazzo Finaguerra, there are three shows on the calendar: Era, Ofelia- It’s time to get high and Dressing the diplomacy.
Era, a production of the Tocna Danza company, is a solo directed and performed by Erika Melli, with live music by Paolo Lasagni. The iridescent expansion of emotions creates diversity of internal space that gushes sprawling, to take its own direction.
A subtly irreverent Ofelia, tired of her pallor and submissiveness, is the character imagined by Michela Paoloni in Ofelia -It’s time to get high. A figure that moves on the thin ridge between truth and madness. What would she think today if she could wake up from her drowning of her? To obey or to love? The author wonders….
Fresh from the success of his recent debut at the end of July he arrives at Face Off Dressing the diplomacy, a production of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza. The work was born from an idea of ​​Roberto Zappalà and sees Filippo Domini and Erik Zarcone as authors and performers. There are different ways of being diplomatic. An essential tool of diplomacy is negotiation. In the interaction between two different bodies there is a need to find a common territory. Corps diplomacy is closely connected with two words:
touch and finesse. The performance stems from the need to investigate the ability of caution, shrewdness, circumspection, in an intertwined process of discovering the other.
Still in the courtyard of Palazzo Finaguerra, on Friday 9 September starting at 6.30 pm, three other shows are on offer: Intimo abitare, Claire de lune and Word.
Source of inspiration for Intimo abitare by Anna Balducci, who performs in a solo, is Maria Zambrano “To be there it is not enough to see, think, act, but it is necessary to feel seeing, feeling thinking, feeling acting”. Two brand new productions of the Balletto di Roma follow, two steps by two that make use of the choreography of Valerio Longo and the interpretation of Giulia Strambini and Paolo Barbonaglia. Acute, sweet and serious at the same time, the
notes and gestures of & quot; Claire de lune & quot; they form whirling spirals and envelop the viewer in a continuous motion, which tends to never end, like the truest and deepest feelings. Word is instead a creation of Valerio Longo ad hoc for Face Off.
Saturday 10 September, after the performances with the students present at the choreographic workshops and site specific events that take place in the streets of the city starting at 7 pm, at the Loggia degli Ottoni at 9.30 pm Roberto Lori tells in a contemporary key with Terra mia salient extracts of history of his country of origin, Matelica, in a time span between the two world wars. Taking a cue from some pages of Carlone, the novel by Libero Bigiarretti, the creation involves the musicians Marco Badiali, Simone Bonpadre, the
singer Silvia Liuti, the students of the choreographic workshops together with the Veschi band complex, to bring back the rites and life of the village, the popular dimension, the game in an evening in which music, dance and theater contribute to the creation of the show.
On Sunday 11 September at 6.30 pm the festival puts on the bill for an audience of adults and children The Frog Prince of the Compagnia degli Istanti / Compagnia Simona Bucci. The show is freely inspired by the famous fable written by the Grimm Brothers, interpreted by Roberto Lori, Michela Paoloni and Fabio Bacaloni to music by Tchaikovsky.

The festival, as always, dedicates a large space to the artists of the individual territories through a selection of the most established groups, without neglecting the emerging ones to whom Face Off reserves a valid promotion. An integral part of the program are the workshops and laboratories which represent an important opportunity for practice and research for young dancers from all over Italy, stimulated in search of a more conscious and personal movement, through an active involvement in the scheduled shows. At the end
of the weekly workshops they take part in an event dedicated to them which is presented on the final evening of the event.
13 dancers in this edition have been awarded a scholarship for the advanced level laboratory conducted by Roberto Lori, thanks to the contribution of various sponsors who support the initiative.
Also featured in the festival is a Kids section entitled “Face off lab junior” which is held on Sunday 11 and is divided into two segments. At 4 pm there will be a creativity laboratory for children and at 5 pm a scientific laboratory will be held in collaboration with UNI MC / veterinary medicine center.
A photographic exhibition set up in the exhibition space of Vicolo Cuoio 1 documents the 9 years of the event with the most beautiful shots.
For info and calendar updates www.compagniadegliistanti.it
[email protected] tel 340 1369666 – reservations: send a whatsapp message to 3286452779

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