The favorite games of Italians and why they are fun

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The Italians are a people of big bettors, so much so that every year Italy is confirmed as one of the leading nations in the world of gambling in terms of volumes of bets made.

In addition to the world of betting, where only behind the United Kingdom, all casino games are also very popular in our country. The number of people playing table games and slots is increasing every year, thanks in part to advances in technology and the expansion of broadband, which has allowed online casinos to proliferate.

Online casinos drove the entire gambling economy in the period of the pandemic, when land-based casinos and gambling halls had to lower the shutters. The transition to online gaming, which in any case has not replaced that in real casinos and betting shops, has allowed an expansion of the player pool: from classic casino expert players we have moved on to much younger, savvy and hyper-technological players.

So let’s see how the tastes of Italians in terms of games have changed with the advent of online.

Italians love sports betting and lotteries, but they have also learned to love and be passionate about a wide range of casino games. We draw up a ranking of the most played and appreciated games.

The Slots

Almost surprisingly, as also recently highlighted by the, every year more than half of the income from gambling that reaches the Treasury derives precisely from the old slot machines.

Slot machines have undergone a tremendous evolution in recent years, from mere machines with 3 reels and a single payline to state-of-the-art video slots with multiple reels and thousands of paylines.

The success that slots continue to enjoy is undoubtedly also linked to the explosion of online casinos and the progressive gamification of these machines.
Over time, slots have been able to reinvent themselves and adapt to new gamblers, mainly young people, who were born with the internet and video games.

The new slots, also called megaways, look a lot like video games. Fewer and fewer passive players used their time to click bored on a button or a lever, waiting for the lucky combination: now players can win also thanks to their skill, also necessary for all those bonus games and sub-games that the new ones slots carry as a dowry.

In addition to this, a fundamental component that has actually relaunched the slots is that linked to graphics and sound: playing slots today is a rewarding experience thanks to the collaboration of the software houses with video game companies and film companies.

There are more and more video games and film themed slots, where your favorite characters appear on the reels and the graphics and sound follow the atmosphere experienced in the cinema.


Good old blackjack continues to be the Italians’ favorite old-fashioned card game. Known as 21, it is appreciated by the old but also by the new players not so much for the graphics or who knows what else, but for the extremely simple game scheme.

In blackjack the chances of winning are on average higher than in other games, what matters is to get as close as possible to 21 (face cards are worth 10 and aces can be worth 11 or 1) and beat the dealer. In addition to this, however, there is a lot of strategy involved, since you win even if the dealer busts, exceeding the number 21.


Italians like blackjack also because it is a game made famous by many Hollywood films and in theory it is intriguing, because good players could also count the cards of the shoe to be able to better calculate the odds of winning.

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Poker experienced moments of glory a few years ago with the launch of the tournament mode in the Texas hold’em version, which soon conquered everyone, replacing the 5-card hole mode.

Always beloved in Italy, poker has experienced fluctuating moments: made famous and played by some strong operators such as Pokerstars, who also advertised the game a lot, it lost interest after a few years due to the wearing length of the tournaments.

However, with the introduction of fast tournaments, called Sit & Go, the music has changed: no set start time and tournaments played mainly by few players. This fact changed the fate of poker, again suitable for all those people with little time available.

Another decisive factor was the advent of the new Pokerstars invention, the Spin & Go tournament: the mechanism is similar to the previous one but here the players, usually 3, just before sitting down at the table become aware of the predetermined prize pool, which changes depending on the Random Multiplier: The prize pool can increase from 2 to 12000 times! Also on Pokerstars you will find a large section dedicated to to learn how to play all variants of poker.

The Classic Card Games

Much to the surprise, just behind blackjack and poker, Italians are huge fans of old card games. Thanks to many online casinos such as Lottomatica, Snai and Sisal, the great classics of our childhood such as Scopa, Briscola, Burraco and Sette e Mezzo have been re-proposed in online mode.

These games, which recall the childhood of many players, are extremely fun and are well suited to be played online. Given the strong interest, casino operators are dedicating more and more space to these games, creating tournaments and combining, even often, succulent bonuses.


We close this roundup of games with a great classic, always loved by Italians: the Roulette queen! Of course, playing live and hearing the sound of the ball spinning around the number we bet is another thing, but even online now the graphics have worked wonders.

The game of roulette is living a new life thanks to live casinos, where you can play live with real dealers. There are also many variants, some very close to video games, thanks to particular multiplier bonuses, which have made even a very young audience passionate about this classic.

There are many casino games loved by Italians. Slots confirm their market share, but also the dear and old card games, even the classic Italian ones, are gaining share, thrilling the public more and more.

Recent technological transformations have also allowed a consequent renewal of the structure of the games, an improvement in terms of graphic quality and user interface, so the fun has gradually expanded over the years.

Casino games are moving towards a more rapid and complete gamification thanks to the advent of live casinos and, in the near future, also of the metaverse, which will probably also change the way Italians play and tastes.

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