Who is Elia in SKAM Italia 5?

Who is Elia in SKAM Italia 5?
Who is Elia in SKAM Italia 5?
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Who is Elia in SKAM Italia 5?

Who is Elijahthe new protagonist of SKAM Italy 5? We welcome the highly anticipated new season of the series inspired by the Norwegian format of the same name, and adapted for Italy by Ludovico Bessegato.

Just on the occasion of SKAM Italy 5 available from September 1st on Netflix, the director and screenwriter Bessegato hands the legacy to Tiziano Russocontinuing to act, however, as showrunner and author of the new episodes.

These have the sympathetic as their protagonist Elijah played once again by Francesco Centorame. The beloved cast of all time also returns alongside her, also accompanied by new and interesting ones new entry.

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In the new episodes we find ourselves between the university and the high school, the one in which our Elia was stuck following the failure to graduate. The boy is thus forced to greet his old friends ready to pursue a university career, while he still has a whole year ahead of him to spend behind the school desks.

To complicate matters, moreover, is the emergence of a great personal discomfort, something that concerns Elijah very closely but that the boy is very ashamed to talk about. Only thanks to the complicity of new and old friends, Elia will be able to overcome all his insecurities by undertaking a long, and at times complicated, path of self-acceptance.

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SKAM Italia 5, who is the actor who plays Elia?

Monte Silvano (PE), 1996. These are the place and date of birth of Francesco Centorameemerging actor who just in SKAM Italy plays the role of the protagonist Elijah.

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The most loyal fans will remember him for his appearance in the TV series Maggie & Bianca: Fashion Friends, tv series to which it follows SKAM and even the big screen debut in the movie like The best years by Gabriele Muccino. This is followed by The Hummingbird by Francesca Archibugi arriving in Italian cinemas from October 2022.

Francesco Centorame is also preparing to reach the screens of Rai 1 in the new TV season 2022/2023 in fiction Marshal Fenoglio starring Alessio Boni. In the meantime, between one set and another, Francesco also becomes the father of a beautiful baby he had in 2020 by his girlfriend Valentina Salvagno.

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