“For her the child was a burden” – Corriere.it

“For her the child was a burden” – Corriere.it
“For her the child was a burden” – Corriere.it
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from Pierpaolo Lio

The investigators of the Mobile Squad have deposited the analysis work of the chats extrapolated from Alessia Pifferi’s cell phone: the weekends from her partner and the “desire to feel free, relieved of the burden of being a single mother”

For her, Diana was a “burden”. Alessia Pifferi, the mother of the 18-month-old girl who died of hardship after being abandoned for almost a week in the house in Ponte Lambro in Milan, preferred to be without her, “so she breathed”. The 37-year-old herself had admitted it since the first interrogations following the tragic discovery at the end of last July of the small body in the cot on the first floor of Via Parea, when he did not hide that the decision not to take his daughter with her on her weekends from her partner to Leffe (Bergamo) was also born from the desire to experience for a few days the «feeling of being free, finally relieved for a while from the burden of being a single mother».

And it is the same picture that emerges from the chats kept on the cell phone of the woman, arrested on 21 July last. The investigators of the mobile squad have deposited the analysis work of the chats extrapolated from Alessia Pifferi’s cell phone, which would confirm the fact that little Diana was experienced by her mother as a “burden”. In fact, the woman would suffer, in the words of the investigating judge Fabrizio Filice, of one «Evident affective instability recently» manifested «in a form of psychological dependence on the current partnerwhich led her to put before the possibility of maintaining a relationship with him even at the cost of inflicting enormous suffering ”, culminating in the death of the child.

Meanwhile, always the Milanese investigating judge rejected the request for access to prison by Professor Pietro Pietrini, full professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology at the University of Pisa: he is one of the two professors appointed by the defense of the 37-year-old to draw up a neuroscientific and psychiatric consultation on Alessia. The magistrate has not in fact recognized, at the state of the investigation, valid reasons to allow interviews (beyond those with lawyers) with external persons and doctors for the purpose of technical advice on the state of mental health of the woman. Also because in the proceedings of the investigation, coordinated by the prosecutor Francesco De Tommasi, for now there would be no elements that suggest any psychophysical pathologies of the woman. Then there is still to wait for the results of the probative incident, scheduled for next September 28, for the “Technical investigations of a biological and chemical-forensic nature” on the material seized in the apartment in via Parea, including in particular the bottle found next to the lifeless body of the little girl. The tests will have to clarify whether the milk left to the child contained doses of tranquilizer to prevent Diana from crying and thus attracting the attention of the neighbors. Finally, from what has been known, Diana’s grandmother and aunt have also appointed their own lawyer in view of the establishment of a civil action against Alessia Pifferi, who is liable for aggravated voluntary murder.


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