Peaceful return of a building occupied for decades in Rome – Chronicle

Peaceful return of a building occupied for decades in Rome – Chronicle
Peaceful return of a building occupied for decades in Rome – Chronicle
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Sara is a seventy-year-old lady of Moroccan origin, for ten years she had lived in the occupied building, formerly Inpdai, in Viale delle Province in Rome. She yesterday, like all the other occupants, she moved to re-establish herself in a council house. The younger Peruvian boys help her, but she is worried: “Here we were a family, of course there were good people and bad people but we took care of each other. Who will be there where I am going to live now? ”. Lem Lem is happy, he will finally go to Battistini a stable place. Eritrean and Italian have been struggling to earn a living since her husband died and she too ended up in the occupation of Viale delle Province. She now she finally she will go to an Ater house, after twenty years that she was on the waiting list. “Thanks Italy” she tells ANSA.

The occupation of the building in Viale delle Province 198, former Inpdai and former Inps, which was ‘taken’ during the “Tsunami Tour” of the Metropolitan Precarious Blocks and other movements ended yesterday in a mixture of melancholy, fears and hopes. for the right to housing in 2012, when several public buildings were occupied to protest against the housing emergency.

150 families lived in the former Inpdaip and thanks to mediation work between the Prefecture, the Municipality, the Region and the Municipality, 148 Ater lodgings were found to relocate all the people, about 400, present in the building.

Rome, a library in the occupied building returned. ‘We would like to reopen it’

“This is the third occupation that we manage to close without the violence of the eviction with police, trucks and traumatized families – says Paolo Di Vetta of the Metropolitan Precarious Blocks – and finding an alternative solution for all the inhabitants”. This ‘without eviction’ mode, unanimously applauded by movements and institutions, also originates in the traumas that aroused in public opinion some very violent evictions from that of Piazza Indipendenza in 2017 and that in the former school in via Cardinal Capranica del 2019.

Municipio II was present on Wednesday at the closing of the occupied building which was returned to the property, the real estate fund InvestiRE SRG, present with lawyers and a private security agency.


“For us this is a day of mixed emotions – Rino Fabiano, Councilor for the Environment of Municipality II tells ANSA – we have followed the people of the occupation since the beginning and we have seen them fit into our context. Their children were born and attended neighborhood schools. For us they have never been occupiers and being able to resolve peacefully, with difficulty, looking for solutions for each family is a political victory ”.

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The movements claim the result. “The solution came thanks to years of struggle – says Paolo Di Vetta – but there remains a patch in the situation of the Roman housing emergency that sees at least 50,000 people at risk of housing emergency”.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Rome is putting its real estate assets back into their hands and thinking of longer-term solutions as explained to ANSA by Yuri Trombetti, president of the Campidoglio House and Heritage Commission “We have found a disastrous situation – explains the PD councilor – the Municipality of Rome does not have a list of its properties so first we will have to do a census of this. For the housing emergency we will act on several fronts: on the one hand by restoring a Municipal Police unit dedicated only to the allocation of social housing, on the other we are calling the 13,500 people on the waiting list for the public housing to understand their current situation . Finally, we are proceeding with the purchase of housing from public bodies for around 200,000 euros “.

Rome, occupied building returned ‘but another 50,000 families at risk’

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