From the non-vote to the ‘confirmatory’ vote, holding his nose

From the non-vote to the ‘confirmatory’ vote, holding his nose
From the non-vote to the ‘confirmatory’ vote, holding his nose
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A few days before the vote, I am unsure whether to go to the polls. I belong to the 16 million Italians of the mood “I thought it was love but it was a gig”. The story that the elected are the mirror of those who vote for them does not hold up. In fact, the striking thud appeared in me, overbearing, observing the approximation of the contemporary ruling class (experts, columnists, analysts, economists, geopolitical strategists, ‘talkists’) suddenly realizing that gas is a matter of life or death. And Europe, astonished, the lighthouse it sees provides, believes that the problem that it will discuss cannot be postponed. He calls meetings months later. Weeks ahead, ready to postpone them for further information, with the scream in evidence of extreme urgency.

Can anyone explain why when Germany moves on the roof at the price of gas the EU is on the alert while when Italy, which proposed it well before the summer, was declassified as the usual complaint of the grumpy grandfather? It is Europe that is swift with the lack of common defense, immigration, the tax authorities. Hungary, which after dead father signs an agreement with Gazprom to receive gas. Ca va sans dire, Europe dead, Europe alive. Choose Europe. And thanks to Holland that the competitive advantage, of the price of gas, they know what it is and they will hardly give up.

The election occasion prompted me to take a look at the names of the various lists. With the spirit of being satisfied (although the belief that has always pushed me to vote is that the elected should be better than those who vote them) and to understand, however, how the selection takes place, the criteria, if there is to be presented he asks, if there is a memory of the primaries, will all this mean something when it comes to choosing who to vote? My arms fell, thus making all my instincts vain to go to the polling booth, when I read that by now there is already a quota of reservists sure of the parliamentary touch who use the elections only for the catwalk.

The electoral programs of the parties have been avoided – which are a propagandistic slip of the land, shoot prebends in the estuary, crap if, then, the expensive bills alone, to do things right, which means spraying money, a lot of money, would drain every other resource available – I focused on the behavioral evaluation of leaders, eg sanctions that are bad for us. Is it possible that with all the tools at their disposal the political leaders have been caught by the mistake of an amateurism from running a bowling lover? Moreover, after having fallen into the emergency, without having dissolved what is the vexata of these elections, the paradigm of the regasification plant of Piombino, not in back my yard, not in my garden, agree on everything as long as they do not put it at my home. There has been a rush of parties to deny paternity. There is Basilicata where they pay their methane bills in half due to a give-and-take return of the extractive force on that territory.

Point to head, the history of the ecological transition must be well explained and digested by us. 70 billion of the PNRR is for the environmental bing bang, will anyone know ‘where we have to go to where we have to go’? If there are no chips for health cards, do they still want to focus on the electric car for everyone? A patchwork country. Prostrate to divide to get by. Guaranteed and not (the VAT numbers are still waiting for the 200 euros of the bonus, perhaps they will be able to refresh themselves in October). North and South. The energy companies that make extra profits and the government that realizes that it has written a law with its feet to take that money and then distribute it to families. And businesses, particularly those of the North, immersed in the nightmare of closures. One of the industrialized nations of the world, Italy, cannot bear with rationing. Not even pronounce it. Phrasing and actions that impoverish, mortify, that echo the sad times of a community that is paying for the lean suffered by the pandemic. Because you turn on the heating when it is cold and not by decree a week before or after, (so the air conditioner turns on if it is hot), and you cannot think of keeping it at 19 degrees when you are in Val Padana, in 40 50-year-old houses with so-so walls, so-so window frames, if all goes well 22-23 degrees is always a little.

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After the spiel of the list of what makes me desist to go to vote, the moral remains to be drawn up in a few lines. Which is this. I vulgarise a little. Draghi might as well stay at Palazzo Chigi to fix the work: he brought us here and he has to get us out of trouble. His going is an unfinished one. The unparalleled prestige of the person is there, even if it is true that we have not seen major turning points near Brussels, despite the emergency state of the Old Continent, so the PNRR dowry is the result of a freshman in politics, like Conte. We do not contest the superior quality of the person that we have always recognized him because from the beginning we have understood him this way, alongside the belief, however, and this is what counts, that we would not have received any discounts anyway, in short, the debts must be paid, Draghi not Dragons.

If the elected officials know who they will be before voting, if the fiction of the Pd-FdI clash is precisely a fiction for bystanders, if neither center-right nor center-left will be able to govern because they too are fiction, if the program of things to do, PNRR and Energy dossier, is already written for the next few years, rebus sic stantibus, do you want to see that armed with Christian resignation, we will have to attack the “confirmatory vote” of those who want, the Third Pole (Calenda-Renzi) Draghi next premier, the minimum wage, only this, aware that it is little, but it is what democracy gives us in the great occasions of modern times.

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