Paolo Galeotti: “It’s time for strong choices, not barricades” (01/09/2022)

Paolo Galeotti: “It’s time for strong choices, not barricades” (01/09/2022)
Paolo Galeotti: “It’s time for strong choices, not barricades” (01/09/2022)
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What can ever happen in a month to change a situation that has been swamped for decades?

I’m not a fortune-teller, and I don’t think I have the strength to affect certain dynamics. For my campaign I chose a slogan: # faredipiù. Even in saying it, I believe that a voter expects that “more” from a deputy: for work, families, health care, the third sector. But that “doing more” concerns everyone, not just the person delegated to represent a territory: it is an invitation to society to contribute to improve the situation. I am ready to take on my responsibilities.

Never before has the risk of a monstrous abstention at the polls been so strong as this time.

It is certainly an unknown, which also materializes in the discussions I am having in the markets or in the committees. The disappointment is tangible. Compared to the past, there are no party sections, political schools, places of aggregation. With the pandemic, it is a phenomenon that has also been accentuated in parts of the world of volunteering, but for which there is a strong need.

Disappointment, but also disenchantment.

Politics has its responsibilities, there is no doubt, but everyone must take on their own. Much journalism creates factions, partisans, around certain issues. It doesn’t help anyone. It is time for choices, even strong and sometimes unpopular ones: someone can be displeased, but they must be explained. Out of vested interests. Alone I cannot engrave, we need a collective conscience.

People are alarmed by the rises, especially in the energy sector.

It is a topic around which a great debate has been created. I would like to highlight two aspects. Energy communities may be what consumer cooperation was even a century ago. It also recalls the spirit of cooperative credit banks or the management of water and energy in Trentino, some time ago. They were all places of territorial development. Today they could be aggregators of local needs and responses. Moreover, and I come to the second point, they could be solvers of other problems. I am thinking of the agricultural sector: in the Mantua area we are addressing the fight against CO2 and the impact of large farms. The roofs of the dairies can become, without soil consumption, areas of platforms for self-consumption and the diffusion of energy for the territory. Politics must accelerate on this front.


She has two children aged 26 and 22, who will go to vote. What do they say about her candidacy?

They are giving me a great helping hand. I know well that they belong to a generation that, more than anyone, has distanced itself from politics or from a certain politics. In my experience as mayor I have had the opportunity to meet several young people who have gained enriching professional experiences around the world, but then need to find a place to house. The boys have a great desire for the world, they have expanded the boundaries compared to my times, but they do not like uprooting. We need to build cohesive communities that allow everyone to find their own identity and independence. There is no shortage of positive examples, fortunately.

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