Inter-Bayern Munich Champions League tickets: prices and how to buy them

Inter-Bayern Munich Champions League tickets: prices and how to buy them
Inter-Bayern Munich Champions League tickets: prices and how to buy them
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For the San Siro match on 7 September at 21:00 Inter-Bayern, tickets for the single match and the mini-season “Champions Pack” are available, which also includes the internal matches with Barcelona and Victoria Plzen. Info, details and prices.

Start the Champions League for Inter with the challenge at San Siro al Bayern Monaco, scheduled for September 7th at 9:00 pm, which opens the group stage of the Nerazzurri. A real iron group for Inter that was drawn from the Istanbul urn together with Bayern Munich and Barcelona, ​​as well as Viktoria Plzen. The Nerazzurri were placed in the third bracket and were drawn into group C. In total they will play 6 games (three at home and three away). From 12 noon today, 1 September 2022, the sale of single tickets for the match is available on the official website: prices range from 265 euros for the Central Red Armchair to 40 euros for the Third Green Ring. Reductions on the price of tickets are foreseen for fans under the age of 16.

The free sale of single tickets follows the opening of season ticket sales: the Nerazzurri club has also offered a “Champions Pack” to watch all three group matches scheduled at San Siro.

When to buy Champions League Inter-Bayern Munich tickets

From 12.00 on Wednesday 31 August it was possible to buy the package of three games from all fans for free sale without limitations, subject to availability reserved for the Champions League package. From 12.00 on Tuesday 30 August, until 12.00 on Wednesday 31 August, for all owners “We are” and all members “InterClub”, as well as for all season ticket holders, you could take advantage of the purchase of the UCL Pack of three games, being able to choose the best sectors and seats. For the free sale it will be possible to choose any of the vacant seats, for oneself and / or for other Inter friends.

The Group Stage Champions League packages are sold exclusively online at, with the choice of seat directly on the stadium plan and without commissions.

Finally, single tickets for the match between Inter and Bayern Munich can be purchased from 12.00 today, Thursday 1 September, only by connecting online on the website while the remaining seats can also be purchased in authorized points of sale, such as San Siro Stadium, Inter Store Milan and Vivaticket. All starting at 10.00 the following day, Friday 2 September.

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Inter-Bayern tickets, ticket prices

The prices for the Nerazzurri “Champions Pack” (which includes the three home games of the Group Stage) include prices ranging from 105 euros in the Third Ring Green Sector up to the much more expensive 695 euros for those wishing to attend the three matches comfortably seated in armchair Central Red Sector. However, there are various types of prices, with intermediate bands from 255 for the Central Orange First and Second Ring and from 150 euros for the Green and Blue Second Ring. All as specified in detail on the Nerazzurri website.

Here is the official list of prices by sector:

  • Central red armchair: 265 euros
  • Red armchair (OS): 245 euros
  • Red armchair (NT): 215 euros
  • Second central red: 125 euros
  • Central third red: 60 euros
  • Central orange armchair X: 225 euros
  • Central orange armchair: 195 euros
  • Orange armchair: 175 euros
  • First orange: 145 euros
  • 1 Orange side:100 euros
  • 1 Orange side family: 100 euro (75 euro for under 16)
  • Second central orange: 115 euros
  • Second orange: 95 euros
  • First green:90 euros
  • Second green: 60 euros
  • Third green: 40 euros
  • First blue: 90 euros
  • Second blue: 60 euros

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