in Naples up to 5 euros per kg

in Naples up to 5 euros per kg
in Naples up to 5 euros per kg
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Dear bills, the prices of basic commodities such as food and bread are rising: the forecasts for the autumn speak of inflation and inflated prices. Assoutenti confirmation: we are talking about the highest prices of the last 37 years. The price of bread in Naples could even double.

Dear bills, dramatic autumn forecast

The most dramatic figure by far is that of food, which recorded a record surge in August, even increasing by 10.6% compared to last year – warns the president Furio Truzzi – This means that a family with two children, just to eat, has to take into account a higher expenditure on average equal to +794 euros per year (+591 euros for the “typical” family), an unprecedented sting ”.

“The Government must urgently intervene by immediately cutting VAT on primary goods such as food, in order to lead to an immediate reduction in retail prices and direct benefits for families – says Truzzi – The real problem, however, is that of energy: without effective interventions looms on the horizon an “autumn drama” on the bills front, with consumers who will face new heavy price increases in the months in which they make greater use of gas and the possibility of reductions in supplies linked to the delicate situation with Russia “.

Domenico Filosa, leader of Naples bakers, warns: the price of bread could soon double. In fact, from 2 euros and 50, the price could reach 5 euros. “The people, for whom bread is central, it will not be able to afford these increases. Those who eat the palatone and not the cereal or nut specialties could count on affordable prices But this will no longer be the case: we have no choice to stem the surge in bills and the cost of raw materials “says Filosa.

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