The blackmail of gas and the winds of war

The blackmail of gas and the winds of war
The blackmail of gas and the winds of war
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Russia has again turned off the gas tap. He says for three days, then we’ll see. An act of economic warfare hidden among a thousand excuses that are not credible at all. Another face of the Ukrainian conflict such as the Russian bombing or the counter-offensive of Zelensky’s army in Kherson. For the Kremlin, gas has become the main instrument of war to divide the countries of the Union and undermine the consent of governments guilty of supporting Kiev. The attempt to manipulate public opinion with energy increases to get them to curse the choices in favor of Ukraine plays a central role in Moscow’s strategy to win the war.

A trivial game as it was discovered.

We should start from here to think about the nature of the measures to be put in place to deal with the increase in gas. Measures that in addition to having fundamental economic relevance, also serve – the link is very close – to defend the foreign policy choices of solidarity with Ukraine and loyalty to our allies who are at the top – rightly – of the premier’s thoughts. This is why, without wanting to raise controversy of another nature, today the CDM would do well to address the issue in one way or another to reassure public opinion: given that Russia is, in fact, waging a psychological war, it is necessary to give an adequate response, whatever it may be, from the budget gap to a fund guaranteed by the state against expensive energy. Otherwise we risk giving the impression that while our compatriots are under another type of “bomb” – bills and inflation – the government remains defenseless, that is, it does not deploy a minimum of defense, anti-aircraft.

Nor, as on other occasions, can we hide behind the customary phrase, useless while a war is raging. Provided you do not want to provoke a natural as well as irrational reaction among citizens inspired by reasoning such as: “This is not my war.” Which is exactly Putin’s intent.

Indeed, if you want to keep a country united in the face of the economic crisis as in solidarity with Kiev, you can do anything but stand still. And the time in fielding a “defense” is not an independent variable that does not affect the outcome of the war. Many, giving vent to the imagination, fill their mouths, for example, with the Kremlin’s interference on the vote: but what interference is more effective in Moscow’s plans than having Italian elections held with a country, and public opinion, at the mercy of gas hikes and inflation? None.

This is why the government would do well to take adequate measures today, not tomorrow, exceptional measures of war that would not even be imaginable in a period of peace, but which today would serve to safeguard our economy and the Western spirit that gives 70 years animates the Italians.

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All the more so since the conditions for taking extraordinary measures are all there: all the parties are asking for them in Parliament, Confindustria and the union hopes for them.

And also in Europe, with the new German sensibility on the subject, something is moving. So today the government has that bit of courage essential to face this dramatic moment.

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