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The shallot from today on the throne. After two years, the festival returns

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CASTELVETRO PIACENTINO – Countdown started and volunteers deployed: after two years of waiting, the Piacenza shallot festival. «Our agricultural product of excellence, so appreciated in the kitchen, will be the great protagonist as always – anticipates the mayor Luca Quintavalla -: with dedicated stands, show cooking, special dishes prepared by our Pro loco and many other surprises. We will be ready to welcome visitors in the new square, which has recently undergone a major redevelopment, and in the Biazzi park ».


This seventh edition will open today with the arrival of stalls, street food and exhibitors in via Roma from 6 pm. The Pro loco food stands will instead be inaugurated at 7 pm and to follow, at 9.30 pm, music with Intrigue band which will offer dance, pop and rock covers. The festival will come alive tomorrow, when it will perform at 8pm Diego Favagrossa and at 9.30 pm laughter ensured with two aces of the cabaret coming from Zelig: Paolo Migone and Max Pieriboni. Following dj set. On Saturday at 4 pm another welcome return: the cooking competition La cavagna Mystery, led by chef Daniele Persegani (castelvetrese doc and known to the television public) together with Franca Rizzi. The appointment will be held in the Biazzi park and includes challenges in the kitchen starting with ingredients that, in fact, will be a mystery until the last second. At 6 pm, again in the large garden, there will be an initiative aimed specifically at children: one theatrical show about Pinocchio. The Saturday evening will continue at 19.30 with the performance of Shindo karate and at 20 with the demonstration of Castelvetro minivolley. Finally, at 9 pm, ballroom dancing with theorchestra of Sabrina Borghetti.


As per tradition, Sunday will be the main day of the festival, which will also coincide with Festa of associations and non-profit organizations: many information stands and collateral initiatives will involve the voluntary, sports and recreational associations of the country. The official inauguration of the festival, with the cutting of the ribbon entrusted to the authorities, is instead scheduled at 10.30. It will follow, at 11.45 am, the expected cooking show with Persegani and Rizzi. On Sunday the food stands will also be open at noon and in the afternoon the award ceremony for the Castelvetrese sportsmen will continue at 6.30 pm. The performances of the Judo Kodokan Caorso (at 19) and del New Ducal ballet (at 19.30). In the evening, closing with the smooth oforchestra of Titti Bianchi.

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THE shallot dishes they can be enjoyed not only at the food stands, open every day from 7pm and on Sundays also at 12pm: most of the restaurants, pubs and bars in Castelvetro and hamlets adhere to the review that will go on for the whole week. In fact, 16 places have included on the menu special dishes prepared with the product of the territory.


Two original exhibitions organized in conjunction with the festival: that of the corkscrew, curated by Fausto Maccagnoni and from the family of the unforgettable Carlo Bossi, will be held in the library; the one dedicated to vintage bumper cars will be in via Roma.


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