August record with over 31 thousand fires

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Data from the Brazilian Space Research Agency (Inpe) certify a deterioration of 12.3% compared to August 2021 and a value of 20% higher than the historical average (from 1998 to today)

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The record for fires in the Amazon in 2019 has also been beaten

( – In August the fires in the Amazon they set a new record. With more than 31,000 fires detected via satellite, the National Agency for Space Research (Inpe) which monitors the tropical forest has confirmed that it has been the worst month since 2010. Also beating the peak recorded in 2019.

Record of fires in the Amazon: 31,513

In the first 30 days of August, the INPE took over 31,513 fires in the Amazon. On 22 August, the Agency had already reported a new record: that day was the hottest since 2007 with more than 3,300 fires active in the 24 hours. This is a triple number compared to that – considered very high – reached on 10 August 2019, when Brazilian farmers launched a coordinated action, simultaneously setting fire to a large part of the “deforestation arc” that embraces the Amazon from the north. east to southwest.

The August figure – one of the two peak months of the Amazon fire season, along with September – is 12.3% higher than in the same month of 2021and by as much as 20% compared to the overall average since 1998, the beginning of the historical series recorded by the INPE.

Towards new records also for deforestation

The state of the fires in the tropical forest further worsens the outlook on the data of the deforestation in Brazil for this year. The values ​​of the first 7 months of 2022 reached a new record with 5,474 km2 of vanished forest cover, of which almost 1,500 km2 in July alone. An increase of 7.3% over the previous year.

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Even according to the Brazilian NGO Imazon the data for the 2022 season (which runs from August 2021 to July), with 10,781 km2 disappeared, indicate a worsening of deforestation compared to last year. Only 3%, but it must be considered that 2021 was the worst year since 2006.

The Amazon in the election campaign

The state of the Amazon is an issue that is increasingly entering the campaign for the presidential elections in October. While the incumbent president, Jair Bolsonarotreats it to the sound of promises of development and well-being – to be obtained by multiplying the infrastructures that cut the forest and exploiting its resources – its main challenger (and former president) Ignacio Lula da Silva promises more protections and an international agreement with Congo and Indonesia, the other countries with the most important tropical forests in the world.

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