TV presenter found lifeless in the house: it is yellow about the death of Neena Pacholke

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He was 27 years old Neena Pacholke, host of a television station in Wisconsin (United States) found dead at home over the weekend. Neena, a former basketball player, was well known to the local public, which is why the news of her death stunned the Wisconsin region. Her body was found Saturday morning in a house in Wausau following a request for control made to the agents. Her loved ones had in fact alerted the police because Pacholke had made possible suicidal statements. At the moment, as reported by the media, including, no leads are ruled out, and the coroner has not given further clarifications to the press. “My heart is shattered into a million pieces and I know it will never come together again,” said her older sister, Kaitlynn Pacholke. “One day the words will come to my mind. But for now, I know that she is no longer suffering and I am grateful to her for that. I have lost my best friend for 27 years ”.

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