Sissy Found Mazza, the request for dismissal on his death rejected for the third time

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Investigations into the death of Sissy Found Mazza they must continue. This was established by the judge of the preliminary investigations of Venice, rejecting for the third time there archiving request presented by the prosecutor. The circumstances in which Mazza was injured still remain to be clarified: her body, with a gunshot in the head, was found in the elevator of the civil hospital in Venice, where he was on external service to check the conditions of a detained who had recently given birth. Three years in a coma, then death in January 2019 at the age of twenty-eight. And since then the investigation, which has always oscillated between two hypotheses: suicide or attempted murder.

The first request for filing, presented by the pm Elisbetta Spigarelli, was rejected. To weigh on the decision of the judge came the opposition of the family and its lawyers, who immediately highlighted the unclear points of the affair. Fabio Anselmo, at the time the family lawyer, had summarized the doubts about the circumstances of the death in twenty-four pages. Among the technical findings underlying the opposition to the previous archiving request, the absence of blood on the end of the gun barrel. Traces of blood which, on the other hand, are “always present” when a “blow in contact with the skin” is fired.

In 2019 the failure to verify any eventual was also contested presence of DNA on the weapon. Another element that in the past weighed on the decision to reject the request for dismissal was the complaint presented in August 2016 on the alleged circulation of narcotics among the inmates of the Giudecca prison, where Mazza was on duty. Three years after his death, according to the investigating judge of Venice, the knots have not been resolved and it is still necessary to investigate and clarify what happened on November 1, 2016 inside the elevator of the Santissimi Giovanni e Paolo hospital in Venice. “I express satisfaction with the provision that accepted the opposition to the request for filing – commented the current lawyer of the family members, Eugenio Pini – I trust that this provision can encourage the achievement of the truth ”.

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